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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Marco Iaria: "Ronaldo is not only a footballer but a commercial icon."

Image credit: Juventus F.C.

Marco Iaria of La Gazzetta dello Sport concisely analyzes the economic impact of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus F.C.


1. Resolving the Ronaldo "Case."
2. The Key Driver to New Markets.
3. Financial Effects.
4. Future Development Plan.

Italian to English translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

1. Resolving the Ronaldo "Case."
Image credit: Aнна Нэсси.

The Ronaldo "case" must resolved quickly. The reason of State implies it. This is because CR7 is not only one of the greatest footballers in the world and leading scorer of Juventus with 28 goals last season, but also because he is an essential element for the entire plan of global growth of his club. He is not only an athlete; he is an icon.

Translator's Note:

The "case" refers to Ronaldo's early substitution on Sunday night in the 55th minute versus Milan. He ran straight to the changing room and then left Allianz Stadium before the game had ended (1-0 goal by Paulo Dybala, his replacement.) According to La Gazzetta dello Sport on 11/12/2019, Ronaldo will not be fined by Juventus. But according to his manager, Maurizio Sarri, "He will need to clarify things in the changing room (upon his return from international duty)."

2. The Key Driver to New Markets

When the management, headed by Andrea Agnelli, decided in the summer of 2018 to undertake a transfer market signing never before seen by them (100 million euro for his rights, plus 12 million in commissions, and a 58 million gross annual salary), they imagined a 360 degree advantage from the Portuguese, both on and off of the pitch. He was the key driver to access new markets beyond the assault on the UEFA Champions League.

3. Financial Effects

The first effects, despite the expectations, have already manifested themselves in the 2018-2019 Balance Sheet: 

A million kit/jerseys sold, 58 million extra euros in income due to the stadium and commercial reasons, followed by a 68 percent increase in social media followers, in front of an annual cost of 87 million between his salary and amortization.

With CR7, Juventus has already positioned itself over a superior segment of the market, just as was seen with the new seasons' ticket sales or partnership renewals. Beginning with this season, a new vigorous contract with adidas has come into play, going from 23 million to 51 million, while Jeep has guaranteed an increase by 25 million (from 17 to a base of 42) in anticipation to sign a deal for the new course starting in 2021. Increments that will be impacted by the 2019-2020 exercise going forward. But it doesn't end here.

4. Future Development Plan

Ronaldo has given the 'beyond' to a Juventus development plan targeted for 2024 and, at 34 years of age, he must still distribute all of his power. Both at a sporting level and on an economic plane. His contract, which was signed last year, was a four-year deal. The management of Juventus has always counted on a stay of at least three years in Turin. We are at the start of the second year and there is still a horizon ahead.

It's true that with an injection of 300 million in capital, which will come into effect during the first trimester of 2020, Juventus is targeting a new great investment to bring home a young Ronaldo. A player used as 'bait' to attract Generation Z and to perpetuate the development of the brand in the most strategic global areas. But it is of course true that the 'old' Ronaldo is useful and how! Still for a good while.

Italian source: La Gazzetta dello Sport; "Ronaldo é troppo importante per la Juve e per la sfida globale." (Ronaldo is too important for Juventus and for its global challenge.); 11/11/2019; Marco Iaria.

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