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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo: "My work ethic is always the same."

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My Spanish to English translation of excerpts from an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo by Xavi Sancho of El País in Madrid, Spain. It was entitled, "Cristiano Ronaldo: The Spaniards treated me well. I wanted to give them some jobs regardless of my problems with the Spanish Treasury."

With his four-goal tally versus Lithuania in Euro 2020 qualifying a few days ago, Ronaldo surpassed Robbie Keane for the all-time record with 25 goals in European qualifiers. His work ethic is always the same which concisely sums up this great player.

Discussion Items:

In an interview conducted by Xavi Sancho for the May 2019 edition of ICON (Saturday, 4 May by El País in Madrid, Spain), Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus F.C. discussed the following topics:

1. On the opening of his new Hair Loss/Implant clinic in Madrid, Spain.
2. On if he feels that others view him as a robot.
3. On the first thing he does when arriving at a new football club.
4. On his private life.
5. On if he has made any friends in football and if coaching is in his future.

I hope that you enjoy these excerpts from this excellent interview.

Spanish to English translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

“He is the person with the most followers on Instagram at 163 million. He has accumulated 28 awards and trophies between domestic football leagues, the UEFA Champions League, European Cups, Super Cups and Ballon d’Ors, respectively. For his fans, he is the best player in the world. For those who hate him, he is the second-best player in the world.

With a competitive nature and a self-demand that sometimes makes it seem that he interprets football as an individual sport, Cristiano Ronaldo (who was born in Funchal, Portugal, in 1985) is one of the most imitated and polarizing figures on the planet. We meet at the headquarters of the Insparya Clinic in Madrid, a new business venture of the Portuguese player. This time it is focused around the world of hair implants.

‘They hate me because I'm handsome and rich,’ he once said after getting whistled off at a rival’s ground. For the same reason that some hate you, many love you. There is no character that reflects these times better than Cristiano Ronaldo.” --- Xavi Sancho

1. On the opening of his new Hair Loss/Implant clinic in Madrid, Spain:

Q. What is more complicated? To select a club or choose a business?

A. I think it's easier to choose a business rather than choosing a club. Although in a club, you play with many things and you have to think a very great deal. A business ends up being something that you do not control 100 percent.

Q. Who do you trust when deciding where to invest?

A. Basically, in selecting a business, I trust the same ones as when choosing a club: My family and closest friends. My children still can not give an opinion (his twins will turn two in June and the little one is one year and a half), although, well, Cris (his oldest son, Cristiano Junior, who is eight years old) already gives some of his opinions. But he is very young. At the end of the day, it is the team that I have been constructing over the years, and not only for football. But also for the business world.

Q. Why a business such as this one?

A. Hair loss is a real problem. This is to help with people's self-esteem. A lady just told me: "But you have no hair loss." I do not have it now, but one day, it might happen. Genetically, nobody in my family has these types of problems, but you know that everything can change. For example, stress and poor diet. Aesthetically, you need to take a step forward.

Translator’s Note:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s companion, Georgina Rodríguez, will manage this new business enterprise.

2. On if he feels that others view him as a robot:
Q. Do you think that some have come to think that you have converted yourself into some type of robot?

A. I do not think that they believe I am a robot. But they do see me as a person who can never have a problem, can’t ever be sad, and can never have any worries. People identify having no problems and success with money. How can you be sad or have Cristiano feeling down if you have millions?

You must understand that people do not think as you (referring to himself), have not experienced certain things, and do not have a culture greater than what they are allowed. But I understand it. I know that people are out there with a shotgun waiting for Cris to miss a spot kick or to fail in a crucial match. But it is part of life and I must be prepared. I've been prepared for many years now.

3. On the first thing he does when arriving at a new football club:

Q. What is the first thing that you do when you arrive at a new club?

A. The first thing I do is to just be myself; not try to be more. My work ethic is always the same. If a business owner arrives and starts to travel around the world, people will not see him as a leader. They will say: "This is my boss but he does not treat me well".

You must be humble and learn that you do not know everything. If you're smart, you get little things that make you better as an athlete. At Juve, I have adapted perfectly. They saw that I am not someone who is selling smoke. He is Cristiano, and he is what he is, because he takes care of himself. It is one thing to speak and quite another to do something. Why did I win five Ballon d’Ors and five UEFA Champions League titles?

4. On his private life:

Q. Do you think that on some occasions you have been too sincere?

A. Sometimes, yes. But, look, if I have won everything that I have won, I will be doing something well. I'm the guy with the most followers in the world. Why? The same people identify with me, or that I give more of a spark, you know? It is like that.

5. On if he has made any friends in football and if coaching is in his future:

Q. Have you made friends in this sport?

A. I could say yes... Let's see, it's not that you don’t make friends, I have, but I will not deny that it's a difficult world. It's as if you ask a fashion model if she has many model friends. She could tell you yes, but in reality, very rarely will she be having dinner in her own house with models such as she.

Q. Why do not you hear anyone raise the option that you could become a coach after you retire?

A. I do not rule it out.

Spanish source of text: El País; Xavi Sancho; Cristiano Ronaldo: “Los españoles me trataron bien. Quería darles unos puestos de trabajo, al margen de mis problemas con Hacienda”; 4 de mayo 2019.

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