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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nike N98 Track Jacket Product Review by Bonnie Kuhn

Image courtesy of SoccerPro.

by Bonnie Kuhn for World Football Commentaries

Whether you are a Manchester United fan or not, this jacket is pretty cool. I would admit that I’m not the world’s biggest Manchester United fan, but the quality of the new Nike N98 Track Jacket is easily unsurpassed.

Different Than Older Versions

The previous versions of the jacket were thin and never provided the practical use of a track jacket—to keep you warm. In fact, the polyester/cotton blend is the perfect jacket to train with, to wear year round and to keep you warm. The color is really cool, too. Instead of the bright red color of Manchester United displayed in the previous jackets, this model comes in “dark charcoal” or in people speak, dark gray. Of course, it has red stripes down the arms, as well as red cuffs, a red collar, and a red waistband. But the color scheme is not overwhelming.

Personally, I don’t look great in red, so the gray is a nice change from the bright red colors. Plus, the jacket complements regular street clothes.

Distinctive Details

My favorite part about this jacket: the back. The back features “Manchester United” across the shoulder blades. It’s not your typical heat-pressed decal that looks like a big giant sticker. It’s better quality than that style. The official Manchester United team crest is embroidered on the front of the jacket. It’s small enough to look tasteful, but large enough to show your true pride of MUFC.

With a price tag of $85, the cost of this jacket may seem steep. However, the jacket is made with Nike’s new Considered Design. The process helps take care of our environment by using recycled plastic bottles to make the polyester material. For me, that’s worth it, and I’m not even a huge Manchester United fan. This jacket is pretty sweet though, and to get the high-quality of the Nike Considered Design combined with the true spirit of Manchester United Football Club, that’s worth $85 to me.

About the Author

Bonnie Kuhn works for soccerpro.com.

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