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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Group Phase Predictions for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by José Mourinho

José Mourinho
Image credit: Дмитрий Голубович 

José Mourinho, the current manager of Manchester United, makes his group round predictions for the upcoming World Cup for the RT television network in Russia.


1. Group Round Predictions.
2. Video Presentation by Mr. Mourinho.
3. The Elimination Round Bracket.

1. Group Round Predictions
Image credit: FIFA.

Mr. Mourinho, the manager of Manchester United, is doing commentary work for RT in Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
"I don't want to be emotional but I have to be. I will go to contradictions because I want my players to win. But I also want my players to go on a holiday. So, this is going to be tough."
He made the following group round predictions:

Group A:

Uruguay (winner)
Russia (runner-up)

Group B:

Spain (winner)
Portugal (runner-up)

Group C:

France (winner)
Australia (runner-up)

Group D:

Argentina (winner)
Nigeria (runner-up)

Group E:

Brazil (winner)
Switzerland (runner-up)

Group F:

Germany (winner)
Mexico (runner-up)

Group G:

England (winner)
Belgium (runner-up)

Group H:

Senegal (winner)
Poland (runner-up)

What do you think of his predictions? 

2. Video Presentation by Mr. Mourinho

Source: Gazzetta TV.

3. The Elimination Round
Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
30 June – Sochi
Winner Group A
6 July – Nizhny Novgorod
Runner-up Group B
Winner Match 49
30 June – Kazan
Winner Match 50
Winner Group C
10 July – Saint Petersburg
Runner-up Group D
Winner Match 57
2 July – Samara
Winner Match 58
Winner Group E
6 July – Kazan
Runner-up Group F
Winner Match 53
2 July – Rostov-on-Don
Winner Match 54
Winner Group G
15 July – Moscow (Luzhniki)
Runner-up Group H
Winner Match 61
1 July – Moscow (Luzhniki)
Winner Match 62
Winner Group B
7 July – Sochi
Runner-up Group A
Winner Match 51
1 July – Nizhny Novgorod
Winner Match 52
Winner Group D
11 July – Moscow (Luzhniki)
Runner-up Group C
Winner Match 59
3 July – Saint Petersburg
Winner Match 60Third place play-off
Winner Group F
7 July – Samara14 July – Saint Petersburg
Runner-up Group E
Winner Match 55Loser Match 61
3 July – Moscow (Otkrytiye)
Winner Match 56Loser Match 62
Winner Group H
Runner-up Group G

Chart courtesy of Wikipedia.

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