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Friday, June 2, 2017

Book Review: "Inverting The Pyramid" by Jonathan Wilson

Image credit: Amazon and Nation Books.

Jonathan Wilson authors a definitive historical guide to the evolution of world football tactics from the various schools of thought.

My Review in Brief:

Wilson is the master at researching and explaining the historical progression of football tactics. His detailed analysis provides the reader with an important work about this topic in English. This book will make an excellent addition to your world football library as a valued reference source for years to come.


1. Organized Format
2. Writing Style
3. Tactical Diagrams
4. About the Author

"Globalization is blurring national styles, but tradition, perpetuated by coaches, players, pundits, and fans, is strong enough that the styles remain distinguishable. What became apparent in the writing of this book is that every nation came fairly quickly to recognize its strengths and that no nation seems quite to trust them."

--- Jonathan Wilson, author of "Inverting The Pyramid," quoted on page XXI in a book published by Nation Books in 2013 with a list price of $18.99.

Jonathan Wilson is synonymous with football tactics in Anglophone media. He truly has taken his already potent journalistic skills and honed them in a genre not normally the domain of British writers. Let's take a longer look at this intriguing book.

1. Organized Format

There were twenty well-structured chapters. The length of this book before the Bibliography was 389 pagers. My favorite chapters were "Catenaccio" and "The Waltz and the Tango," respectively.

2. Writing Style

Wilson is detailed yet chronicled his work with a storyteller's understanding that you must keep the reader engaged. In his case, he engages and educates you in his unique journalistic style. The genre of tactics is not an easy one for a non-coach to tackle; however, the author has dedicated years to this topic. The fruits of his labors are clearly evidenced in this book.

3. Tactical Diagrams

The author included a wide array of tactical diagrams. These images from different eras, games and teams allow readers to experience coaching insights throughout the last 150 years.

4. About the Author

Jonathan Wilson is an acclaimed world football journalist who has authored seven books. He is the editor and founder of The Blizzard. He also is a contributor at Fox Soccer, The National, The Guardian. Sports Illustrated and World Soccer, respectively.

Please Note:

A representative of Nation Books provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. I was not financially compensated by the publisher, author, or any party who would benefit from a positive analysis.

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