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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CalcioLand with David Amoyal

Image courtesy of David Amoyal
and iTunes.

Italian football and international transfer news journalist, David Amoyal, launches his first podcast.


1. About CalcioLand.
2. David's Interview with Grant Wahl of Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated.
3. Links to the Podcast.

1. About CalcioLand:

David Amoyal (@DavidAmoyal) has created a new podcast with a focus on Italian football, the transfer market and discussions with prominent football journalists, respectively. David christened his new endeavor with the Italian word for football (Calcio) and Land as a homage to one of his favorite sports news sites, Grantland by Bill Simmons. His producer for this project is Alex Goldberg.

The passion of Italian football commentary.

I believe you will learn much from this podcast. David grew up in Padova, Italy, and brings an unique perspective about Italian calcio to an Anglophone audience. He has been a significant contributor to the Gianluca DiMarzio transfer news site where he began English language translations four years ago. David is also a contributor at Calciomercato.com, ESPN and Sirius XMFC, respectively.

I am certain that this new podcast will be successful and educational. Please listen and/or subscribe when you have a chance.

All the best wishes to David and Alex with their new endeavor.

2. David's Interview with Grant Wahl of Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated:

3. Links to the Podcast:

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Steve Amoia said...

From David via his Twitter account:

David Amoyal ‏Verified account

A sincere thank you to the great Steve Amoia for writing review of my #Calcioland podcast http://www.worldfootballcommentaries.com/2017/05/calcioland-with-david-amoyal.html …

4:04 PM - 2 May 2017


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