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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Alessandro Nesta of Miami FC: "We're looking for players with passion."

Image credit: Paul Blank.
Alessandro Nesta.

The current manager of Miami FC in NASL, Alessandro Nesta, provided an interview to BBC Sportsworld for their weekly football feature. Here are a few excerpts that I heard on BBC's World Service today.

Discussion Items:

1. On Paolo Maldini's call to come manage at Miami FC.
2. On the ownership's objectives at Miami FC.
3. On changing his mentality to coach in the USA.
4. On David Beckham's future project in Miami.
5. On his mentor, Carlo Ancelotti.
6. On the status quo at AC Milan.

1. On Paolo Maldini's call to manage Miami FC:

"It is very tough to start in a new country... I will try to give my experience to the guys but it's not easy. The two owners are Italian and for me that's good.... Paolo Maldini called me and we had a phone discussion with his partner at Miami FC, Riccardo Silva. And after 10 minutes, I  accepted the offer. He's (Maldini) like a brother."

2. On the ownership's objectives at Miami FC:

"They want to win. We going to try to do it. Three months ago, we had nothing. Now there are 25 new players. I don's know if we will win but we'll try to be in the first 4 teams."

3. On changing his mentality to coach in the USA:

"We're looking for players with passion. Here it's different. In my country, passion with sport, it's inside us. Here is different. You have to change your mentality completely. They come from college and play basketball and baseball. They don't have a lot of passion to play soccer."

4. On David Beckham's future project in Miami:

"He needs two more years to start but he's welcome...

In LA, there are two (teams). In NY, there are two. I think Miami is big enough to have two also."

5. On his mentor, Carlo Ancelotti:

"My best coach was Ancelotti. I worked with him for eight years and he was the best in how to manage the group, tactical things, and much more. For me, he is a father.,. (Did he give you any advice?) Yes, and I have to call him again for advice because I need more." (laughing)

6. On the status quo at AC Milan:

"Now in Italy, everything is difficult because it's not a good time for the country. The ambition of the club (Milan) is the same but money is not. This is the problem... Milan can't spend a lot of money but they want to win Champions League every year. 

I think it's impossible to win the Champions League without (a lot of) money. 

Italian clubs can't compete with Barcelona, Real Madrid or Premier League teams. The difference is too large for me."

Steve Amoia is a freelance writer and translator based in Washington, D.C. He is the publisher of World Football Commentaries since 2006 and published The Soccer Translator from 2008 to 2015. 

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