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Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Review: "Tactical Periodization" by Pedro Mendonça

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"Tactical Periodization is a football/soccer training methodology created by Professor Vitor Frade in Portugal. It focuses on the operationalization of a specific way of playing through the creation of a Game Model. It is, without a doubt, nowadays the most evolved way of training, used by some of the most famous coaches in the world, e.g. Jose' Mourinho, Andre' Villas-Boas and Vitor Pereira."

--- Pedro Mendonça, Author of "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich of Jupp Heynkes (2011-2013)", published by Amazon Kindle in August 2014 with a list price of $9.99.

Mr. Mendonça has provided coaches, journalists, players and fans with an extremely detailed analysis of Bayern Munich's successful Game Model under fabled manager, Jupp Heynkes. This book is well-written, extremely detailed and provides a significant educational analysis.

Organized Format

There are nine concisely detailed chapters along with a bibliography and specialized glossary. I believe that a table of contents and/or index would have been helpful; however, this e-book's organization will provide the reader with an adequate reference-checking quality. This is the type of book that you will read and then reference from as you prepare present and future training sessions. For example, 6.3 SubPrinciple - "Keeper with Excellent Feet," which most coaches will recognize as a reference to Manuel Neuer and would serve as a good teaching tool for your goalkeepers.

Writing Style

This work, in my opinion, was written for college level and professional soccer coaches. The author described various training scenarios in good detail to complement his generous use of illustrations to reinforce the numerous learning principles. I also liked that the author used several footnotes (at least 18 by my count) which lend a great deal of accuracy and credibility to his research.

Generous Use of Clear and Concise Graphics

The author used 185 illustrated figures of schematic drawings. Many of these graphical images used different colors to great effect for clarity and ease of reading. For example, Mr. Mendonca consistently used red circular images with numbers for the offensive phase and yellow ones for the defensive set-up. These schematics are easy-to-read and provide an excellent learning/teaching tool for your coaching staff/playing roster.

A Testament of Excellence to Jupp Heynkes

Although Jupp Heynkes no longer manages Bayern Munich, his Game Model had a profound effect on the club's recent success. Arguably, his influence was also a contributing factor to German dominance of European football in recent years. This book will become a great addition to your coaching library that will enable you to study a specific training regimen from one of the top club's in world football.

Please Note

I did not receive a complimentary review copy nor was I financially compensated by the author, translator or editor for a positive analysis.

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