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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Market Value of the 32 World Cup Teams by Pluri Consultoria

Corriere dello Sport in Rome published an intriguing article in their 7 December 2013 edition. It quoted an interesting study compiled by Pluri Consultoria, a Brazilian sports and business consulting firm, who analyzed the market value of all 32 World Cup teams. I was able to find the original document in Portuguese at Pluri Consultoria's website. The study was compiled by Fernando Ferreira (@fernandopluri), a sports economist, on 6 December 2013.

A Rare Market-Based Analysis

Mr. Ferreira made a detailed analysis from a business perspective that we rarely see in mainstream sports media. Commentators and pundits often cite the populations of countries when comparing two national teams in world football. Rarely do we see comparisons based upon the current financial market values of national teams, and their respective players, which are much more relevant.

Study Criteria and Metrics

Brazil National Team photo BrazilNationalTeam.jpg
Photo credit: AndhikaMPPP.

Mr. Ferreira analyzed the eight groups of 32 teams, and 736 players on their currents rosters, based upon 77 criteria divided into 18 items. I will provide the original items listed in his study along my translations into English.
1) Idade; Age.
2) Fundamentos; Fundamentals.
3) Qualidade técnica e encantamento; Technical quality and a magical sense (such as Neymar's skills).
4) Capacidade de definição de jogo; Capacity and definition of play.
5) Aspectos táticos; Tactical aspects.
6) Força e condicionamento físico; Strength and physical conditioning.
7) Disciplina e espírito de equipe; Discipline and team spirit.
8) Condição clínica; Clinical condition.
9) Titularidade; If a player is a starter or substitute.
10) Posição em que joga; Position played on the pitch by a footballer.
11) Nível dos campeonatos que atua (Efeito vitrine); Level of leagues where they play. (A showcase effect.)
12) Experiência Internacional; International experience.
13) Convocações para seleção; Number of international appearances (caps).
14) Conquistas; Achievements.
15) Capacidade de Retorno de marketing; Capacity of marketing return.
16) Potencial de valorização; Potential market valuation.
17) Capacidade de adaptação; Capacity of adaptation.
18) Demanda atual de mercado; Actual market demand.
Translator's Note:
  • A special thank you/muito obrigado to Paulo Freitas (@Cynegeticus) for clarifying a few items.
Key Points from the Study

Image credit: FIFA.

  • According to Mr. Ferreira, the 736 players from 32 national teams at the 2014 World Cup have a current market value of € 5.8 billion euro. 
  • Group G has the highest market value of the eight groups at  € 911 million.
  • Group A has the second-highest market value at  € 841 million and Group B is close behind at € 825 million, respectively.
  • Group C has the lowest market value of the eight groups at € 518 million, and is followed by Group E at € 591 million.
  • Group C represents the smallest amount of difference from the top-valued team, Colombia, to the least-valued team, Greece. Colombia is valued at 3.7 times more than the Greek team.
  • Group F has the largest amount of difference from the top-valued team, Argentina, which is 21.6 times more valuable than Iran.
Valuations of the 2014 World Cup Teams

Spain National Team photo SpainNationalTeam.jpg
Photo credit: AndhikaMPPP.

Please note:

All financial values are stated in € euro. Team market values were based on 23 anticipated roster positions.

Group A

Brazil: 509 million or 22.1 million per player.
Croatia: 163 million or 7.1 million per player.
Cameroon: 123 million or 5.3 million per player.
Mexico: 47 million or 2.0 million per player.
Total: 841 million or 9.1 million per player.

Group B

Spain: 504 million or 21.9 million per player.
The Netherlands: 162 million or 7.0 million per player.
Chile: 135 million or 5.9 million per player.
Australia: 24 million or 1.0 million per player.
Total: 825 million or 9.0 million per player.

Group C

Colombia: 219 million or 21.9 million per player.
Cote d'Ivoire: 129 million or 5.6 million per player.
Japan: 106 million or 4.6 million per player.
Greece: 65 million or 2.8 million per player.
Total: 518 million or 5.6 million per player.

Group D

Italy: 316 million or 13.7 million per player.
England: 312 million or 13.6 million per player.
Uruguay: 185 million or 8.1 million per player.
Costa Rica: 21 million or 0.9 million per player.
Total: 834 million or 9.1 million per player.

Group E

France: 373 million or 16.2 million per player.
Switzerland: 124 million or 5.4 million per player.
Ecuador: 69 million or 3.0 million per player.
Honduras: 24 million or 1.1 million per player.
Total: 591 million or 6.4 million per player.

Group F

Argentina: 475 million or 20.7 million per player.
Bosnia: 121 million or 5.3 million per player.
Nigeria: 89 million or 3.9 million per player.
Iran: 22 million or 1.0 million per player.
Total: 708 million or 7.7 million per player.

Group G

Germany: 466 million or 20.2 million per player.
Portugal: 310 million or 13.5 million per player.
Ghana: 84 million or 3.7 million per player.
USA: 51 million or 2.2 million per player.
Total: 911 million or 9.9 million per player.

Group H

Belgium: 320 million or 13.9 million per player.
Russia: 169 million or 7.3 million per player.
Algeria: 63 million or 2.7 million per player.
Korea Republic: 46 million or 2.0 million per player.
Total: 598 million or 6.5 million per player.

Italy National Team photo ItalyNationalTeam.jpg
Photo credit: AndhikaMPPP.

Portuguese sourcePLURI Sportmetric O Valor de mercado das Seleções da Copa 2014, por Grupo; 6/12/2013; Fernando Ferreira.

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