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Monday, March 3, 2014

Translated Excerpts from "C'è un angelo bianconero" by Giorgio Chiellini and Pierangelo Sapegno

Una bellissima emozione vederlo stampato, poterlo sfogliare... #angeloBianconero pic.twitter.com/MBm0ylAXoG
— Giorgio Chiellini (@chiellini) March 10, 2014

"A very beautiful emotion to see it published and be able to browse through it..."

Giorgio Chiellini released his new book on 10 March 2014 that was dedicated to the memory of Azzurri and Juventus legend, Gaetano Scirea. The book is entitled, "C'è un angelo bianconero. Il mio maestro si chiama Scirea." ('There is a Black and White {Juventus} Angel. My teacher was named Scirea.') His co-author was an Italian journalist, Pierangelo Sapegno.

During an interview with Sky Sport (the interviewer was not identified) that was transcribed on 10 March 2014 by TuttoJuve.com, Chiellini discussed the following topics:

  • On his relationship with Gaetano Scirea.

  • On what linked him to Gaetano Scirea.

  • On his feelings about taking the legendary number six shirt of Gaetano Scirea.

  • On why those like Gaetano Scirea don't exist anymore.

  • A brief documentary about Gaetano Scirea.

    1. In the book, you detail your relationship, at a distance, with Gaetano Scirea.

    Gaetano Scirea.

    Image courtesy of Sito Ufficiale Cinisello Balsamo.
    Scirea won the Cup Winners' Cup, European Cup,
    Intercontinental Cup,
    Italian Cup, UEFA Cup, the World Cup,
    and seven Italian titles (Scudetti).

    GC: "I discuss a little of everything that has remained: That which stays inside along with what has been told and passed on to me about Scirea. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was a child. Therefore, I couldn't properly appreciate him as a player. Nor from all other points of view.

    C'è un angelo bianconero. Il mio maestro si chiama Scirea

    Image credit: Mondadori.

    But I believe that he has remained so firmly inside of Juventus. Inside of the persons who circulate around me. And I had to recount a little bit of these feelings and emotions that he left behind. Naturally, not ever wanting to come close to him on a personal and footballing level. Because he made history at Juventus and will always remain a myth. But by recalling his values that he left inside of me, inside of all Juventus fans, but also Italian ones. Because I believe he should be appreciated in all of Italy."

    2. What is the link between you and Gaetano Scirea?

    Gaetano Scirea and his son, Riccardo.
    Image courtesy of Comune di Torino.

    GC: "The link that ties us together is surely this passion we have for what we do. This history that has also come from different supporters' groups here at Juventus for so many years. And some values that we bring forward.

    This is a person who remains untouchable in so many respects and he will be remembered as an angel. Just as I have written in the book. However, I also know his family quite well. His son (Riccardo), his widow (Mariella), with whom we constantly are in contact. His son works here with us. I see him everyday. And to be able to discuss these emotions of mine, this parallel history, is something that I liked straight away. It moved me and I hope, and believe, to have transmitted it in this book."

    3. Once upon a time, they proposed that you take the number six shirt. And you said, 'Don't be joking'.

    I took this picture at RFK Stadium in August 1983 for the
    Team America vs. Juventus friendly.
    In the center were
    Stefano TacconiGaetano Scirea and
    Antonio Cabrini. Walking on the left were
    Sergio Brio, Michel Platini and Paolo Rossi.

    GC: "Yes, because in the end, he is an unmatched figure and rightfully so. Then the number six belonged to other persons, but not for that reason or because it was his. It's proper that he is remembered in this way. And I don't even feel at the level to wear a shirt of this kind. An account to remember, to admire and look to transmit values. An account to be really placed at his heights. And I really believe that very few people will be able to get there."

    4. On page 110, you said: "Today, Scirea doesn't exist anymore. Personalities such as Scirea don't exist any further. Because if I have to name someone, I'll say the name of Cesare Prandelli. Because some of the values in him were found in Scirea."

    Translations of Cesare Prandelli: Manager of Italy (Gli Azzurri) 
    Cesare Prandelli.
    Photo credit: Илья Хохлов.

    How did you experience everything that happened during your last call-up with the national team?

    GC: "At the end of the day, they are situations. 'Misunderstandings' that can come about. Where in the end, I was in the middle of friendly fire. As was said in the following days, it was resolved very calmly. I went to the national team camp. I worked at my utmost to recuperate as much as possible from the injury that I had.

    And I believe it all went very well. Because yesterday's game (Sunday v. Fiorentina) demonstrated it. I was able to work as I should have. With the consensus of the staff at Juventus, with the one at the national team, who looked to do their best for me."

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