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Friday, September 9, 2011

Beyond The Pitch: Italian Football Guide

MILAN, ITALY - MAY 14:  Players of Milan celebrate winning the Italian championship after the Serie A match between AC Milan and Cagliari Calcio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 14, 2011 in Milan, Italy.
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2010/2011 Serie A Champions, AC Milan.

Calcio is derived, to the best of my knowledge, from the medieval game of calcio fiorentino, or Florentine kickball. Calcio does not literally mean "football" or "soccer." In Italian, calciare means "to kick." A soccer player or footballer is a called a calciatore. When Italians translate the word calcio into English, they use the common term of “football.”

Calcio, quite obviously, is a great part of Italian culture, and the word represents their unique identity in the world of international football. Another word close to the hearts and souls of Italians is Gli Azzurri or “The Blues.”

Video of Italian Commentators

Nobody produces football matches quite like the Italians do - always history delivered in operatic tones for its biggest events. Perhaps enshrouded in some of the widest held myths that its tactical reputation means that calcio is little more than slow and defensive football, some of the world's most technically gifted players are little more lost in translation with a language so very unique to the Italian game. But to understand what is being said amongst its domestic commentators, here are some Italian football terms, along with related topics, which should help you to better understand calcio italiano in the mother tongue. Football with the performance and temperamental precision of some of Italy's finest crafted automobiles.

Guarda. Ascolta. Impara. Watch. Listen. Learn. Witness the passion of calcio italiano.

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