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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ronaldo7.net by Guilherme Neto

by Guilherme Neto for World Football Commentaries

Image courtesy of Guilherme Neto.

Native of Porto, Portugal

I'm a hardcore fan from F.C. Porto! I live in Porto (or Oporto like some people are used to say) and I've always been passionate about football and particularly our Porto team.

I'm 24 years old and have a Bachelor's degree in Economics. I'm currently doing a Masters in Finance here in my hometown. I've played football in a small club near my home, but I stopped when I turned 18. Whenever I'm physically fit, I love to play football and futsal with friends and that's basically the thing I miss the most in the last months (I was forced to have surgery on my ankle, back in September, after I broke it in a match).

Creating Ronaldo7.net

That's where the Ronaldo7.net comes in. I had plenty of free time between last October and January, and the fact I couldn't play football while still recovering made me look to other ways to stay involved with this sport. I've also been a youth football coach (ages four to six) for the past five years. First for the club where I played and more recently, in a football academy.

The website is meant to report everything that is related to Cristiano Ronaldo and we all know that's a very popular topic for the last years. I try to focus more on the football side, but I also post some news related to his personal life whenever I feel that may be interesting for the fans to be informed about.

Improving English Skills

This has also been a good opportunity for me to work on my English skills, as well as a take off for future websites projects related to sports. Or not? Who knows? :-) I've recently started thinking about launching a few other projects about different football players, but I confess I'm still a bit skeptical about the difficulties of making these sort of websites profitable. I've been spending many hours on www.ronaldo7.net tasks because I've built the entire site "manually" in HTML. I have to update every single thing, one by one. Just for you to have an idea, I spend around one hour just to submit a short news article and updating everything properly.

I hope this small text helps your visitors knowing a bit more about the project I have running here and perhaps pay it a visit. I'm sure they'll find something interesting out there, may that be a topic related to football, or just something else more appealing like the section menu you can enter by clicking on Ronaldo's shorts. :-) (It's shown on the main page similar to the image at the top of this post.)

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1 comment:

Steve Amoia said...

Guilherme, thank you for sharing your new project with our readers at World Football Commenataries.

Boa sorte a voce e obrigado.


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