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Saturday, May 22, 2010

2009-2010 UEFA Champions League Final: "If Inter Doesn't Win This Year, it Will Win the Next Year." Jose' Mourinho

Sports News - March 17, 2010

Javier "Pupi" Zanetti of Internazionale Milano leads
his squad against the Germans in Madrid. The Argentine
workhorse has over 700 appearances for Inter and
136 caps for Argentina. Can he carry Inter to elusive
Champions League glory? He and Esteban Cambiasso
did not make the Argentine team for the World Cup.

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Football - Olympique Lyonnais v Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League Semi Final Second Leg
Ivica Olic scored a hat-trick against Lyon to propel
Bayern Munich to the Final at the Estadio Bernabeu
in Madrid.

Jose' Mourinho's post-match antics angered fans
and opposing players at the Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan
“È la sconfitta più bella della carriera. Questa
squadra meritava di pareggiare 0-0. È stata una
gara straordinaria." "It was the greatest defeat
of my career. This team deserved to draw 0 x 0.
It was an extraordinary match."
Mourinho as quoted
by La Gazzetta dello Sport on April 28, 2010.

Jose' Mourinho Before the Match in Barcelona

Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona
Jose' Mourinho a few weeks ago at the Camp Nou.
"Per noi arrivare alla finale è un bel sogno, per loro
una ossessione".
"For us, to arrive at the final is a great
dream. For them, it is
an obsession."
Gazzetta dello Sport, April 27, 2010.

"Come resume io voglio dire questo: io sono arrivato qua e Inter era una squadra piccolina di Champions. Era una squadra chi faceva fatica a qualificarsi. Era una squadra che non passava degli ottavi di finale. Era una squadra che aveva paura di giocare. In questo momento abbiamo vinto, i abbiamo meritato di vincere, contro la miglior squadra del mondo. Dopo, vinciamo in Barcellona, e andiamo in finale? Ottimo. Non andiamo? Non andiamo non andiamo! Però l’Inter oggi è una grande squadra di Champions. E si non vince quest’anno, vince l’anno prossimo. Si non vince l’anno prossimo, vincerà dopo due anni. Andrà nell’ottavo di finale, nel quarto, in semì, in finale. Però andrà là. I l’Inter ha cambiato, e niente sarà uguale nel futuro dell’Inter."

Italian source courtesy of La Gazzetta dello Sport, April 26, 2010.
"I would like to say this. Before I came here to Inter, it was a small team in the Champions League. It was a side that struggled to qualify for later rounds. It was a team that couldn't get past the quarterfinals. It was a side that was afraid to play. At this time, we won and we deserved to win against the best club team in the world.

Afterwards, if we win in Barcelona, will we go to the final? Great. If we don't make it? If we don't go, we don't go. Because today, Inter is a great Champions League side. If Inter doesn't win this year, it will win next year. If it doesn't win next year, it will win in 2 years. It will go to the round of 16, the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. But it will go there. Inter has changed, and nothing will ever be the same for the future at Inter."
Italian to English translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

Josep "Pep" Guardiola Before the First Leg Match in Milan


La comitiva, parsa decisamente allegra, è stata sistemata su due pullman. Prima tappa di 634 chilometri fino a Cannes, seconda di 351 dalla città francese a Milano. Il Barça finirà per arrivare più o meno alla stessa ora prevista prima che la nube vulcanica cambiasse i piani blaugrana, e domani sera alle 19 si allenerà a San Siro.
"The Barcelona traveling party, seemingly very happy, was set up on two buses. The first part of the trip took 636 km to Cannes (France). The second part was 351 km from the French city to Milan. Barcelona will arrive more or less at the same originally scheduled time before the volcanic ash changed their plans. Monday night, they will train at 1900 hours at the San Siro."
"La Uefa ci ha detto che non ha intenzione di rinviare la partita – aveva commentato ieri sera Guardiola – e allora non ci resta altro da fare che partire domani (oggi per chi legge, ndr). Sono preoccupato, non è esattamente il riposo ideale dopo una gara intensa come il derby ma non abbiamo scelta. E poi se dovessimo andare in pullman penso a tutte quelle squadre di terza o quarta serie che ogni due settimane si fanno viaggi lunghissimi per andare a giocare”.
"UEFA told us that they had no intention to reschedule the tie," Guardiola commented last night (Saturday), "and now there is nothing more that we can do than leave on Sunday. I am worried since this is not exactly the ideal way to rest after an intense derby match (with Espanyol on Saturday) but we didn't choose. If we must travel by bus, I will think of all of the teams in the third and fourth divisions that make these very long trips every two weeks to play games."
Italian Source courtesy of: La Gazzetta dello Sport, April 18, 2010.

Italian to English translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

Key Statistic: The Passing Brilliance of FC Barcelona
According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Barcelona had 71% of ball possession. They made 637 passes with an 89% completion rate. Xavi completed 95.5% of his 111 passes. While Barca may have run less than their match in London (according to IMScouting, 10 km less as a team), the collective work rate, especially after the 14 hour bus ride, was exemplary.
Source: http:⁄⁄www.gazzetta.it⁄tr_xml_sics⁄2009⁄HTML⁄match.html?id_c=1302&id_e=26463&id_p=213330


"The quarter-finals are played on a home-and–away basis, with the first legs scheduled for 30 and 31 March and the return matches the following week, on 6 and 7 April... The first legs of the last-four ties will be contested on 20 and 21 April, with the second legs on 27 April and 28 April.

An additional draw will define whether the winner of semi-final 1 or the winner of semi-final 2 will be considered, for administrative purposes, the home side in the final, which will take place on Saturday 22 May at Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu stadium (20.45 CET kick-off)."

Source: UEFA. com.

Semi-final fixtures take place on 20/21 and 27/28 April
  • Bayern Munich 1 x Olympique Lyon 0 (Return leg: 27 April: 0 x 3: Bayern qualifies.)
  • Internazionale Milano 3 x FC Barcelona 1 (Return leg: 28 April)
The Final 8

Bayern Munich
CSKA Moscow
Internazionale Milano
Manchester United
Olympique Lyon

Fixtures for 30/31 March and 6/7 April 2010

1. Olympique Lyon 3 x Bordeaux 1 (Return leg: 0 x 1: Lyon qualifies.)
2. FC Bayern Munich 2 x Manchester United 1 (Return leg: 3 x 2: Bayern qualifies.)
3. Arsenal FC 2 x FC Barcelona 2 (Return leg: 4 x 1: Barcelona qualifies.)

The Masterclass by Leo Messi

"He is the best player in the world by some distance. He's (like) a PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake we make." --- Arsene Wenger: Source: The Guardian, Apr. 7, 2010.

4. FC Internazionale Milano 1 x CSKA Moscow 0 (Return leg: 0 x 1: Inter qualifies.)

Fixtures for 09/10 March

Fiorentina 3 x Bayern Munich 2 (Bayern qualifies on away goals).
Arsenal 5 x Porto 0 (Arsenal qualifies).

Manchester United 4 x AC Milan 0 (Man U qualifies).
Real Madrid 1 x Olympique Lyon 1 (Olympique Lyon qualifies on away goals).

Fixtures for 16/17 March

Sevilla 1 x CSKA Moscow 2 (CSKA Moscow qualifies on away goals).
Chelsea FC 0 x Internazionale Milano 1 (Inter Milan qualifies).

Bordeaux 2 x Olympiacos 0 (Bourdeaux qualifies).
FC Barcelona 4 x VfB Stuttgart 0 (Barca qualifies).

Jose' Mourinho after the Match with Chelsea

“E’ una partita importante perché ci porta ai quarti. Abbiamo battuto due volte il Chelsea che è una grande squadra. Poche discussioni. Ripeto: l’abbiamo meritata. Abbiamo superato il turno lavorando, analizzando l’andata. Ho visto sette volte quella partita. Conosco l’ambiente. Si poteva pareggiare 0-0 ma giocando all’attacco, perché loro giocano in modo prevedibile. Giocano sempre allo stesso modo, ma è difficile giocare contro questa prevedibilità. E’ una dinamica adatta alla qualità di questo giocatori”.

“It was an important tie because it brought us to the quarterfinals. We beat Chelsea twice who are a great team. Very little to say. I repeat: We deserved the win. We got by this round by working and analyzing the first leg. I reviewed the last game seven times.

I know the atmosphere. You could have drawn, 0 x 0, but by attacking because they play a predictable style. They always play the same way, but it is difficult to play against this type of expectation. It is a dynamic adapted to the qualities of these players.”

Italian source courtesy of: La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mar. 16, 2010.

Translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

Beckham's Homecoming
Football - Manchester United v AC Milan UEFA Champions League Second Round Second Leg

"It was a disappointing night because we lost but returning here is always special," said Becks. "The fans were unbelievable.

"I have to say thank you to all of them because they were incredible. It was nice to be back.

"It's always like that when you don't start games. You always want to play. But we're a team and, as I've said many times before, we win together and lose together.

Beckham picked up an anti-Glazer green and gold scarf from the Old Trafford turf as he left the pitch, but dismissed the significance of the gesture afterwards.

"I'm a Manchester United fan," said Becks. "When I saw the scarf I put it round my neck - it's the old colours of United."

Source: Mirror Football, Mar. 10, 2010.

The Other Homecomings: Mourinho and Ancelotti

Inter Milan vs Sampdoria Genoa
Jose' Mourinho: The Special One was suspended for
three matches after this gesture.

“Io sono parte della storia del Chelsea e loro sono parte di me. Quando arrivai in Inghilterra, la gente si chiedeva chi fossi, ma poi hanno cambiato atteggiamento quando ho detto loro che ero lì per conquistare dei trofei e ho mantenuto le promesse fatte. Il Chelsea sarà sempre speciale per me e in molte occasioni ho detto che spero di ritornarvi un giorno. Ma quando dico “un giorno”, non sto dicendo quando questo succederà”.

"I am part of the history of Chelsea and they are a part of me. When I arrived in England, people asked who I was. But then they changed their tune when I told them that I was there to win trophies and I kept my promises.

Chelsea will always be special to me and on many occasions, I've said that I hope to return someday. But when I say 'one day', I'm not saying when this will happen."

--- Jose' Mourinho, manager of Internazionale Milano.

Italian source courtesy of: La Gazzetta dello Sport, Feb. 21, 2010.

Translation by Steve Amoia of World Football Commentaries.

Football - Chelsea Training
Carlo Ancelotti returned to the San Siro and was
reunited with Milan legend, Paolo Maldini.

Match Highlights from Inter x Chelsea

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