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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

World Football Elo Ratings: An Alternative to the FIFA Rankings

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We often only hear about the monthly FIFA Rankings in World Football. Which some think would take Alfred Einstein to understand and interpret how they were computed. ;-)

Here is an alternative system called the World Football Elo Ratings:

"The World Football Elo Ratings are based on the Elo rating system, developed by Dr. Arpad Elo. This system is used by FIDE, the international chess federation, to rate chess players. In 1997 Bob Runyan adapted the Elo rating system to international football and posted the results on the Internet. He was also the first maintainer of the World Football Elo Ratings web site. The system was adapted to football by adding a weighting for the kind of match, an adjustment for the home team advantage, and an adjustment for goal difference in the match result.

These ratings take into account all international 'A' matches for which results could be found. Ratings tend to converge on a team's true strength relative to its competitors after about 30 matches. Ratings for teams with fewer than 30 matches should be considered provisional."

The actual formula is listed on their web site.
Source: World Football Elo Ratings.

Top Twenty

If you click on the country, you will see a historical table of every international fixture they have ever played.

Would it surprise you to learn that the USA played its first international in 1885 against Canada? Italy played their first in 1910 against France, and England in 1872 versus Scotland. Brasil played their first international against eternal rivals, Argentina, in 1914. Argentina faced Uruguay in 1901. Germany played Switzerland in 1908.

Ratings and Statistics as of Tuesday September 1 2009
rank team rating highest 1 yr change matches goals
rank rating
rating total home away neutral
losses draws for against

1Brazil210212153+3+114 8442992782675261401781838800
2Spain204612104-1-13 567264225783151131391087535
3Netherlands200412067-1+7 670314278783311881511378871
4England196812041+5+79 883386413845021712101998889
5Germany193212099+1-15 8163513421234701801661825966
6Italy190912079-1-68 6883152571163701351831198688
7Argentina188612117-4-105 8923163552214721962241684967
8Croatia1872519670-28 1998187311014058345203
9Russia186912023+3+22 6442173211063421361661145651
10Mexico1859619360-18 7422482102843691961771343797
11France185612106-4-48 7023552687933322114812451006
12Chile182491852+13+72 640249240151228271141879959
13Denmark180721960+5+27 7323173427334025014213711039
14Turkey180091867+1-9 48420322556171195118637733
15Serbia179921962+24+98 6642353231063102101441273951
16Portugal179521983-2-46 48622919661219155112778612
17Uruguay179412035-1-13 81228034718534726719812841044
18United States178191871-1-13 55230518067226205121765750
19Switzerland177781877+4+14 693334311482263181499921240
20Czechia177511999-7-68 695280335803402011541312862

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