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Sunday, October 4, 2009

2010 WC Qualifier: Argentina 1 x Brasil 3: A Blow to Enthusiasm from Strength by Oscar R. Amoia

FIFA World Player Of The Year Gala
Ricardo Kaka' of Brasil and Lionel Messi of Argentina.

With a look ahead to the key World Cup qualifiers in South America this weekend and next week, Oscar analyzed what went wrong for Argentina against their eternal rivals, Brasil.

por Oscar R. Amoia

Un golpe al entusiasmoy al esfuerzo...podría titularse la crónica de este partido.

Por un lado un equipo, el argentino, con mucho esfuerzo, ganas, entusiasmo, fuerza, motivación; por otro lado el otro equipo, el brasileño, con las ideas claras, con una táctica, con una estrategia.
Talentos tenían los dos equipos, pero los talentos argentinos se encontraban con una defensa muy bien plantada, con una marca escalonada, con hombres que sabían lo que tenían que hacer, y así lo hicieron. En cambio el típico talento brasileño se encontró con espacios, con una defensa desequilibrada, que dejaba espacios, que dejaba campo y que dió oportunidades, esas oportunidades que a los talentos no se les puede permitir...

Diego sigue sin encontrar el rumbo como técnico, Dunga lo tiene bien claro.
Diego apuesta al talento, a la motivación, al apoyo del público...Dunga apuesta a la táctica, sabe que los grandes equipos se construyen de atrás hacia adelante...y Brasil, con una defensa bien armada, con una táctica bien cumplida, más el talento que siempre tuvo y permanece inalterable, es muy dificil de vencer...

Los otros resultados ayudaron a la Argentina, quizás entre al mundial, pero tendrá que modificar muchas cosas para mostrar algo más que fuerza, empeño, entusiasmo, garra y talento...


by Oscar R. Amoia
Translated from the Spanish by Steve Amoia

A blow to enthusiasm from strength. That could be the chronicle of this game.

On the one hand a team, the Argentine, with a lot of effort, desires, enthusiasm, force, motivation. On the other hand the other team, the Brazilian, with clear ideas, with tactics, with a strategy. Both teams had talent, but the Argentine talents found a very well-organized Brazilian defense, with outrageous marking, with men that knew what they had to do, and thus they did it.

On the other hand, the typical Brazilian talent found his counterpart with spaces, with an unbalanced defense, that gave up the field and opportunities. Such opportunities that can not be permitted to talented players.

Diego Maradona continues without finding the way as a tactician. Carlos Dunga has it clearly figured out.

Diego bets on the talent, on the motivation, on the support from the public.

Dunga bets on tactics, and he knows that great teams are built from the back to the front. Brazil, with a well-armed defense, with a well-conceived tactical plan, with more talent than they always had and still remain unalterable, is very difficult to conquer.

The other results last night helped Argentina, who knows about the World Cup qualification? But they will have to modify many things to show something more than force, commitment, enthusiasm, fight, and talent.
Modern football is not only these things, you need something more,
and this something extra was demonstrated last night by Brasil.
About the Author

Oscar R. Amoia is a lifelong member (socio vitalicio) of Club Atletico Boca Juniors, and lives in Buenos Aires.

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Final Table

Brasil: 34 points (qualified)
Paraguay: 33 points (qualified)
Chile: 33 points (qualified)
Argentina: 28 points (qualified)
Uruguay: 24 points (Faces Costa Rica in November play-off.)
Ecuador: 23 points
Colombia: 23 points
Venezuela: 22 points
Bolivia: 15 points
Peru: 13 points

10 October

Argentina 2 x Peru 1
Bolivia 2 x Brasil 1
Colombia 2 x Chile 4
Ecuador 1 x Uruguay 2
Venezuela 1 x Paraguay 4

14 October

Brasil 0 x Venezuela 0
Chile 1 x Ecuador 0
Paraguay 0 x Colombia 2
Peru 1 x Bolivia 0
Uruguay 0 x Argentina 1
  • The top four qualify automatically for South Africa.
  • The fifth placed team enters a play-in with the 4th placed team from CONCACAF in November.
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