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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fugees Family Update: A Very Special Birthday

Courtesy of Coach Luma Mufleh of the Fugees Family.


Paul, Coach and Snowman
Munda, after walking three miles in the freezing snow

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday. I had just returned Friday night from a week's worth of meetings and conferences in Chicago. A first for me, I had never before spent more than an overnight trip away from the kids during the season. For the most part it went well, other than the kids trying to convince the substitute coach that they run for 7 minutes each practice (instead of 30). There was a celebration planned for Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately Atlanta experienced a snowstorm, and we had 2 inches of snow. A few kids convinced their parents to bring them by early. Paul and Somaili showed up at 11am for the 4pm party. They ended up being amongst the few who could make it over once it started snowing. We made snowmen together, fun for all of us. Later on, Mahamud and Mahamed stopped by, with pink plastic flowers, a card, and their dad who enjoyed the fire we had going. Paula showed up with five of her six children and we all enjoyed chocolate cake and homemade pizza. I was just starting to realize how much I had missed the kids, being gone all week, when at 6:30pm I saw some movement outside the window. I opened the door and there was Munda, a ten-year-old from Sierra Leone. He had walked three miles in the freezing snow in his best dress clothes and shoes to hand-deliver a birthday card. There are few things that overwhelm me. Last night I was overwhelmed.

Full text of Birthday Card/Essay

your the Greatest coach ever. your are like a second mother to us we love to the bottom of our heart.
You Make us Mad Sometime we look very angery in the outside, but in the inside we love you train us like nonother coach can we appreciate your hard work. we play against other team their coach yell at them but you just sit down and watch, and the other coachs be saying why is that coach just siting down and watching the game you train better than professional coachs you want us to be better player in and out the field, you want us to better in school and finish college, when i first came to the team i didn't know how to kick or control the ball i used to kick with my toes, but you made me a better player you made me learn how to kick not just with my right but both leg, you made me feel like non other soccer player. I appreciate all the stuff you done for us.
Thank you
and have a Happy Birthday

From: Santino and Munda

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As you can see, Coach Luma is teaching the young people a lot more than soccer. When a 10 year old, who probably never saw heavy snow before, walks 3 miles to give a gift to his coach, it is a lesson for us all.

Well done, Munda.

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