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Saturday, February 28, 2009

FIFA and IFAB Meet in Belfast to Discuss Referee Innovations


This weekend, FIFA and IFAB (International FA Board comprised of the 4 Home Nations) met in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to discuss some potential innovations.

Apparently, goal line technology may be used in the future; however, it is projected that by 2012, additional referees will become a part of the game.

"And asked if he was confident extra officials would come into use, Uefa president Platini said:

'I am sure. The decision will be made in 2011. If agreed it will be used in Euro 2012.' "

--- UEFA President Michel Platini
I also heard on the BBC that there was a potential "Orange Card" in the works. It would be given as a temporary removal from the game.

Source: BBC Sport, 28 February 2009.

Rejected Proposals
  • Sin-bins (similar to penalty boxes in ice hockey) were proposed by the Irish FA but have been rejected.
  • A fourth substitute in extra time by the Scottish FA was also rejected.
  • FIFA decided against a proposal to add 5 minutes to the half-time break after opposition by the Home Nations.

Football - Stoke City v Portsmouth Barclays Premier League


According to Football Italia, Pierluigi Collina, the Referee Designator in Italy, said that the Serie A, along with the Ligue 1, would use referees behind each goal next year. He didn't discuss whether or not goal line technology would be used.

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