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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

David Beckham: "But my wish is to stay at Milan."

Sports News - February 04, 2009

After the friendly tonight at Ibrox, David Beckham declared publicly what many believed privately.

"Ho un contratto con il Los Angeles Galaxy. Ma il mio desiderio è quello di restare al Milan e spero che le due società trovino l'accordo. Ho scoperto un grande feeling con l'ambiente e ora mi piacerebbe rimanere in Italia. Il Milan è fondamentale per continuare a mantenere questo livello e per poter giocare con l'Inghilterra."

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 04 February 2009.
"I have a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy. But my wish is to stay at Milan and I hope that the two clubs find an agreement. I have discovered a great feeling with atmosphere and now it would please me to remain in Italy. Milan is fundamental to continue to maintain this level and to be able to play with England."
His form for Milan has been exemplary.

After Sunday night's match with Lazio, Carlo Ancelotti, manager of AC Milan, said "Beckham is indispensable."

Let's see if AEG and the LA Galaxy have a similar opinion.

The Beckham Experiment has had mixed reviews. Initially, he raised the profile of soccer in North America; however, his team failed to make the playoffs during both years. The Galaxy have had three managers during his brief North American career. Current boss, Bruce Arena, is a hard-nosed coach who does want to share Beckham with Milan.

AEG and MLS have a sizeable investment in Beckham, who has a highly lucrative and equally complicated five year contract. Apparently, there is a buy-out clause after his third year. Or perhaps Beckham's desire for top-flight football will force him to buy out his own contract.

It is now in the hands of the lawyers.

What do you think?

Should he stay in Milan or return to Los Angeles in March?

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