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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Milan Channel: "Milan is Thinking Over the Offer of Manchester City for Ricardo Kaka."


According to the Milan (TV) Channel, the €120 million offer (US $150,000,000 and £108m pounds sterling), by Manchester City for Ricardo Kaka' (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite) is receiving serious consideration by AC Milan. Should the deal become reality, it would become the highest paid transfer in the history of world football.

Highest Paid Player in World Football

The owners of Manchester City, the Abu Dhabi United Group, have also offered the player a tremendous financial package.

According to CNN International:
"Reports circulated Wednesday that the AC Milan midfielder is being offered a £500,000 ($726,000) per WEEK salary by English Premier League club Manchester City."
According to Futebol Finance, he was already the highest paid footballer in the world at €9 million per year for 2008. Ronaldinho Gaucho, Frank Lampard, and John Terry, respectively, rounded out the top four.

Milan Thinks Over the Offer

"Il Milan sta ponderando l'offerta del Manchester City per Ricardo Kakà... La faraonica offerta messa sul piatto dagli sceicchi proprietari del City hanno fatto traballare le certezze dei rossoneri, che finora si erano sempre rifiutati di considerare le offerte per il Pallone d'oro 2007.

Il direttore Mauro Suma: "C'è un'offerta del Manchester City per Kakà e viene ponderata dal Milan. Ponderata non significa decisa o accettata. Non siamo di fronte a una decisione presa o a un fatto compiuto. Ci sono ancora ore e giorni davanti".

Diogo Kotscho, portavoce del brasiliano, ha detto all'Associated Press che il club rossonero ha autorizzato Kakà a parlare con il Manchester City dopo che l'offerta del club inglese è salita a 120 milioni di euro. Secondo Kotscho il padre di Kakà, Bosco, volerà presto in Inghilterra per parlare col City, ma è "esagerato" parlare di accordo fatto o di proposta già rifiutata dal giocatore."

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 15 January 2009.
"Milan is thinking over the offer of Manchester City for Ricardo Kaka'. The pharoaic offer put on the plate by the sheik owners of Manchester City have shaken the certainties of the Milan club, who up until now have always refused to consider offers for the 2007 Ballon d'Or winner.

According to AC Milan Director, Mauro Suma: 'There is an offer by Manchester City for Kaka' and it is being thought over by Milan. Thought over doesn't mean decided or accepted. We are not in front of a made decision or a completed transaction. There are still hours and days ahead.'

Diogo Kotscho, the spokeman for the Brazilian, told the Associated Press that Milan had authorized Kaka' to speak with Manchester City after the offer of the English club had risen to 120 million euros. According to Kotscho, Kaka's father, Bosco Leite, will soon fly to England to speak with City, but it is 'exaggerated' to speak of a done deal or of a refusal of the offer by the player."

U.S. Men's National Team v Brazil

Survived an Almost Fatal and Career Ending Diving Accident

As a late teenager, Kaka' survived a serious diving accident at a swimming pool which significantly jeopardized an eventual career in professional football. Already a very religious person, the accident further reinforced his Evangelical Christianity.

When he first arrived at the San Siro in 2003, Ivan "Rino" Gattuso said, "He came in all dressed up with glasses. He looked soft. But when he got out on the training ground, I learned how tough he was."

His reputation is beyond question, and he is a role model with a capital R.

Last year, he became an Italian citizen.

We will soon learn if he becomes a "Citizen."

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