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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chelsea Slash Ticket Allotment for Their Own Players

Sports - November 11, 2007

In a move that reminds us that even the well-heeled are affected by the current global economic crisis, Chelsea owner, Mr. Roman Abramovich, has issued the following new decree.

His first team players will now receive 4 tickets per game. A few weeks ago, they received 8 per game for their own use.

According to euFootball.biz, Chelsea may even start charging their players for meals at the training center.
"According to a report issued by The Observer, club members are said to be taken aback by the extent of the cutbacks, referring to the ticket slashes as a 'petty' move. However, while the decrease may leave Chelsea players discontent, the change will add a few thousand pounds to the revenue of each game.

Not surprisingly, the transformation will also make it harder for family and friends of players to attend matches, although team members will be permitted to buy up to 10 tickets, to be paid from their wages."
Source: euFootball.biz, 06 January 2009.

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