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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ralf Rangnick: "Football is Always the Future."

Sports News - November 22, 2008

In an interview with Der Spiegel on 29 December 2008, Coach Ralf Rangnick from the revelation of the Bundesliga, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, provided a few interesting insights:

On the recent top of the table clash with Bayern Munich lost in injury time:
"That was a bitter defeat; it was brutal. But I told my boys: 'You played a fantastic game in this Champions League environment.' Apart from Carlos Eduardo, none of them had ever played in front of 70,000 fans and experienced such a commotion in the days leading up to the match."
On his angry reaction after the 5 x 4 defeat at Werder Bremen:
"That was precisely why I was so furious -- because the guys were spellbound by it. I stormed into the locker room after the final whistle, but nobody else came in for 10 minutes. Then, the first guy came in with Diego's jersey, the second one with Naldo's and the third with Pizarro's. I yelled: 'So, do you all have your trophies now?' Then I hurled three plastic bottles through the locker room and gave the players a stiff talking-to. In Munich, there was no reason to do that."
On his own managing mistake against Bayern Munich:
"We were hoping to make another substitution at the beginning of stoppage time. But we didn't get the player to the sideline in time. So, we couldn't put him in the game when the score was 1-1, and it was our own goal kick. After that, the match wasn't interrupted again until the opposing team's second goal. The substitution would probably have prevented the Bavarians from making that decisive play."
Is this his ideal team?
"In many respects, yes. Not just in the way they play, but also in how they treat each other. But what does "ideal" mean in football, anyway? Football is never the present; it is always the future. We may be at the top of the league now, but by the time training starts in early January, the question on everyone's mind will be: What next?"
To read the entire interview, please click here.

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