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Monday, December 22, 2008

FIFA Club World Cup: Manchester United 1 x Liga de Quito 0

Wayne Rooney, who was voted Man of the Tournament (Golden Boot), scored the winner in the 73th minute for Man U last night in Yokohoma. The Red Devils add another piece of silverware to the trophy display at Old Trafford. Along with US $5,000,000 to their coffers.

Tim Vickery, the BBC South American football expert, had the following interesting observations:
"How would the top South American clubs fare in a major European league?

All too often any debate on this subject quickly degenerates into a depressing nationalist slanging match...

So, a parity of forces? I don't think so. Instead I feel that this game is showcasing the immense chasm that now exists between the standard of club football in Europe and the rest of the world...

If Liga de Quito, or any of the top South American clubs were placed straight into, say, the Premier League, they would find it very hard going. A gruelling league season is a very different challenge from raising your game for a one-off final.

But - and this is surely the key point - if they were in a major European league, receiving the same amount of money from TV and sponsorship, then they would be able to keep more of the players they produce. And if the likes of Kaka are lining up for the South American club, it's a different story altogether."

Source: BBC Sport: Tim Vickery Blog, 21 December 2008.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good topic and Vickery is right if South American clubs had the finances to keep their better players they would be competitive in a European league. Look at Liga de Quito the current Libertadors champs, since winning the South American title they lost Joffre Guerron and Enrique Vera two key starters (Guerron was probably the club's MVP in their Libertadores campaign) and they were not adequately replaced.

The year before Boca played in this competition after losing Juan Riquelme from their Libertadores winning team. The same fate befell Sao Paulo and Internacional, the two previous Libertadores winners but unlike Boca and Liga de Quito they were still able to defeat their European rivals in the World Club Cup. Watch the Copa Libertadores and you will see a very high standard of football.

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