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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brasil Leads the World in Export of Professional Players

Football - Portsmouth v AC Milan UEFA Cup Group Stage Matchday Three

According to the Brazilian Football Association (CBF), Brasil exported 1176 players around the world in 2008. Most ply their trade in Europe (762), followed by Asia, other South American countries, along with 15 in Africa.

Since 1998, the number has doubled from 530.

Image courtesy of the CBF.

Breakdown in Europe
  • Portugal: 209
  • Germany: 58
  • Italy: 53
  • Sweden: 46
  • Spain: 34
They didn't cite a number from England, but Manchester City has become a recent destination for many Brazilian players.

Eight even play in North Korea.

AC Milan is a Popular Destination

On Sunday night, I watched AC Milan x Udinese. Kaka', Ronaldinho Gaucho, and Pato started the game, and Dida was on the bench. Emerson is also on the Milan roster, and Thiago, a young defender, begins training with them in a few weeks. Digao, Kaka's younger brother, is also on the AC Milan books, and was loaned out this season. In past years, they had Marcos Cafu, Ronaldo, and Serginho, respectively. Obviously, the Brazilians feel at home at Milanello.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 23 December 2008.

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