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Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview with Investigative Journalist Andrew Jennings on Soccerlens: Author of "Foul!: The Secret World of FIFA"

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to the four part series.

I had the great pleasure and privilege to interview a leading investigative journalist, Mr. Andrew Jennings. In 2006, he wrote a highly acclaimed book that described the inner workings of FIFA.

Part 1, "The Craft of Journalism," can be viewed at Football Media. Parts 2 through 4 may be viewed at Soccerlens beginning tomorrow. You can also listen to the hour long interview by clicking the link below.

Interview Transcripts

Part 1: The Craft of Journalism: “Google will not replace shoe leather.”
Part 2: FIFA, Sepp Blatter and Bribes (Tuesday)
Part 3: Vote Riggings and Ticket Scandals at FIFA (Wednesday)
Part 4: The Future of FIFA (Thursday)

Here were a few quotes from Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4: (Updated on Thursday, 23 October)
"But earning a living is not why you go into journalism. You go in because your heart is in it, your guts are in it, what makes you vibrant is in it, and you hope to pay the rent. You might get a bit lucky if you write a book. You go into it to find out what they, authority, doesn’t want you to know, and tell it to people."

“Google will not replace shoe leather.”

"Sepp Blatter really never had a real job. Like a rock star. And he’ll never have a real job again."

"I’ve got the documents how they rigged the election, how the bribes were paid, that’s the practice at FIFA."

"It does make the Mafia look quite amateur…"

"I’ve been an investigative reporter for 41 years. I’ve met some bad people. I door stepped the mob in Palermo, I’ve done quite dangerous things over the years. The biggest thief, kleptomaniac, that I’ve ever come across, is Jack Warner."

"Blatter will never retire. He will stay until the mortician arrives with the black bag to take his body out. Because they've got to look after the archives. They can't let people see the contracts they made over the years."

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