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Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview with Ronaldo, Founder of 101 Great Goals

Image courtesy of 101 Great Goals.

One of my favorite daily football sites is 101 Great Goals. They provide video and concise commentaries about games from around the world. If someone is kicking a ball, chances are that Ronaldo and his team will have the video online shortly after the final whistle. This site is a one-stop destination, and a great resource for world football. Think of it as your personal highlight video channel. Whether you need a great video for your blog, or just like to keep abreast of leagues from around the world, I would strongly suggest bookmarking 101 Great Goals.

One of the founders of this site, Ronaldo, will tell us more about this important project for world football coverage.

Ronaldo, welcome to World Football Commentaries.

How long have you been online with this project, and what were your motivations to create the site?

The site came into existence on September 1, 2006. As football fans we quickly came to realise that there were massive amounts of football videos being uploaded on to the Internet but no one was attempting to put them altogether in a way that would benefit football fans eager to see action and goals from all over the world. 101 Great Goals is a labour of love, Arthur and I are fans of the "Beautiful Game" and if we didn't run the website we would still be watching a load of football.

Without giving away any trade secrets ;-), how do you provide all of these videos in such a timely fashion?

Having run the site for over two years we have developed a system to keep the site running smoothly. It is though hard work and we would struggle to do some of the late nights and early mornings if we didn't want to see the goals ourselves.

I imagine that you have visitors from around the world. What types of requests do you receive, and do those help to shape the direction of your coverage?

This week we had a number of requests. The first example was for more goals from Colombia - something we will endeavour to provide. And the second was for a video of Samuel Eto'o's dive in the Champions League game in midweek. This we haven't been able to locate on an individual video. These requests can help push us in a particular direction on the blog and it can be incredibly useful because we don't see every goal or incident that happens around the world!

Recently, I noticed that your site had a new look and feel. Could you please tell us about the enhancements?

The new look and feel came for the new season. One of our aims was to categorise all the latest goals through our sub-tabs - this way if you are looking for a specific game or goal it should be a little easier. We also tried to make the main block of text take up more of the page - again for ease of navigation on the page.

Your daily blog focuses mainly on British football. How long have you and Arthur been blogging, and what types of perspectives do you like to present to your audience?

As mentioned above we have been blogging for two years. We feel it is important to have a niche, there are literally thousands of football blogs and to get above the parapet and be heard can be difficult however good your content. Something we are very proud of is our daily "comment and analysis round-up" - whilst many websites round up the latest transfer gossip. We are the only site, as far as I am aware, that has a daily briefing of what the pundits in the English press are saying every day. Thanks to the Internet it is possible to keep up with all the latest opinion, we round it up and we live in good times, journalists such as Martin Samuel, David Conn and Sam Wallace write some brilliant pieces.

One feature that I like is your weekly Top 10 goals. I believe that you also have a monthly contest that involves Toffs classic football kits. Could you tell us more about this feature?

On Mondays we round up the top goals of the week. At the end of every month we round up the top 10 goals of the month with a prize of winning a Toffs shirt. And at the end of the season we have our 101 Greatest Goals of the season. This all just follows the same theme as our website - a tool to provide the most important football clips to passionate footie fans.

Ronaldo, I would like to thank you for taking the time to tell us more about 101 Great Goals. Thank you and Arthur for your great contribution to world football.

Cheers Steve.

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