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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roberto Donadoni: An Enigma Shrouded in a Mystery

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After the Azzurri's historic loss last night (first loss to Holland in 30 years and worst defeat at the European Nations Cup), one would have thought that Mister Donadoni would have admitted to some tactical responsibility at the Battle of Bern.

Not so.

Here were a few of his quotes that appeared today in Football Italia:

Regarding Marco Materazzi and Max Ambrosini:
“If you say it was incorrect because we lost, then that is fine, but I still consider it too simplistic. In my view, it was not an incorrect line-up.”
Regarding the exclusion of Daniele De Rossi:

“I made a different choice. Daniele is a great player and has already partnered Andrea Pirlo. I did not exclude him because I consider them to be incompatible, but simply because I made another choice.”
On the game itself:

“It was not a positive game and we have to analyse it in its entirety. Were we dominated? That’s your evaluation.”
Mister Donadoni reminds me of a doctor who gives you six months to live. When you respond that you can't pay for one year, he changes his diagnosis to 13 months.

Why can't coaches or anyone else, for that matter, in positions of authority, admit when they are wrong? Instead of speaking in circles? It's not as if his job is on the line, now is it? :-)

Andrea Pirlo complained about having to play a deeper role due to the lack of De Rossi. Everyone saw how the Oranje cut through the Azzurri defense due to a slow Materazzi, along with a back four that never played a competitive game together before last night. An Italian team surrendering two counter-attack goals? That was the most damning evidence of the entire evening.

He was a great player with AC Milan, and also lent his credibility to the inaugural season of MLS. But in my humble opinion, Mr. Donadoni was not ready for the rigors and intense scrutiny of the Italian job. Both on and off the pitch.

While it is easy to second guess il MIster, time will tell if he proves us wrong.

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