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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fabio Cannavaro: Euro 2008 Ended Before It Even Began

Photo courtesy of Paul Blank, www.postproduktie.nl.

Earlier today, in a training accident in Austria, Fabio Cannavaro, the "Berlin Wall" and the great captain of the Italian National Team, saw his Euro 2008 experience end before it even began.

"Fabio Cannavaro, il capitano azzurro, si è infortunato mettendo male il piede, dopo aver avuto un contatto con Chiellini con l'altro. Per lui grave distorsione alla caviglia sinistra con interessamento del legamento k.o.. L'entità dell'infortunio del difensore del Real Madrid potrà essere valutato non prima di 24-48 ore, ma i primi esami hanno emesso il verdetto più temuto: niente Europeo per il difensore napoletano."

La diagnosi è micidiale: "lesione ai legamenti della caviglia sinistra".

"Io sono un ottimista anche in momenti come questi", ha sussurrato, sottolineando che la botta è stata veramente dura.
"Fabio Cannavaro, the Azzurri captain, was accidentally injured while placing a foot wrongly, after having had contact with Chiellini (Giorgio) and each another. For him a grave distortion on the left ankle with the entire ligament knocked-out/torn (k.o. as in boxing). The extent of the incident of the defender from Real Madrid will not be evaluated before 24 to 48 hours, but the initial examinations have emitted the most feared verdict: no Euro 08 for the Neapolitan defender."

"The diagnosis is lethal: 'lesion (tear) to the ligaments of the left ankle.' "

"I am an optimist even in times such as these," he whispered, underlining that the injury was truly very harsh.
Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 02 June 2008.

Impact on Italy

This will be a significant blow to the Giro Azzurro. Their first game will be next Monday versus The Netherlands in Basel. Alessandro Gamberini of ACF Fiorentina has been drafted into the team to take the place of Cannavaro; however, how Mister Donadoni decides to reorganize the Italian defense remains to be seen.

You can't replace the heart and soul of the Italian team, which in my humble opinion, is Fabio Cannavaro. Whether on the field, in the dressing room, in front of the media, or in a hospital, he is the face, force, and spirit of Italian football.

Naples has three things: The sea, Vesuvius, and the great captain, Fabio Cannavaro.

Comments from Tuesday

"Ma ho deciso di restare per aiutare i miei compagni; dare un contributo anche se non giocherò".

Questo infortunio adesso diventa una sfida per il futuro; il Mondiale del 2010 diventa un traguardo; spero in due mesi di tornare a giocare".

"L'ho confortato; poverino era a pezzi. Ma lui non c'entra. Altrimenti invece di perdere un giocatore ne perdiamo due"."Gli ho spiegato che sono cose che accadono, che deve guardare avanti. Anzi che alla prima occasione deve anche segnare un gol. E lui sa già a chi dedicarlo".
"But I have decided to stay (in the Azzurri training camp) to help my teammates; to give a contribution even if I will not play.

"This accident has become a challenge for the future; the World Cup of 2010 becomes a hurdle; I hope in 2 months to return to play.

I comforted him (Giorgio Chiellini); the poor thing was in pieces. But he will go forward. At least instead of losing two players we will lose one. I explained to him that there are things that happen, that you have to look ahead. Therefore, at the first opportunity, you ought to score a goal. And he already knows who to dedicate it to."

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 03 June 2008.

  • He will be operated on Wednesday in Vienna. According to La Gazzetta, he has already received messages from Ramon Calderon, patron of Real Madrid, along with Iker Casillas, one of his teammates there who plays for Spain. He was also contacted by Lillian Thuram, a long-time friend and former teammate, who plays at Barcelona and represents France.

  • UEFA has issued a special VIP credential to Fabio so that he can stay close to the team during his recovery. He may be allowed on the bench, and will have access to the locker room during games. This is a rare honor that was authorized by UEFA President, Michel Platini.
  • La Nazionale’s doctor Andrea Ferretti explained that Cannavaro had sustained: “a complete tear of the anterior peroneal-astrological ligament and a partial tear of the peroneal-calcaneal ligament.” --- Source: Football Italia, 04 June 2008.
  • Surgery on Wednesday was deemed successful, and he should be back in action by August.


Chef Di said...

Ciao Steve!

I'm probably not the only one who'd like your take on who will wear the captain's band now? How is that person chosen? Thanks!


Steve Amoia said...


Usually for Italy, it is the player with the most international appearances. Within the current team, that would be Alessandro Del Piero.

But the ultimate decision remains with the coach, Mr. Donadoni. He may select Gigi Buffon (who has nearly as many caps as Del Piero), or perhaps Rino Gattuso.

We shall soon find out. :-)

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