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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Picture That Speaks 1000 Words In Any Language

Courtesy of 101 Great Goals.

MLS paid millions to bring David Beckham to North America, along with a significant marketing campaign.

But one facet of the marketing equation that the brain trust at MLS fails to understand is quite basic:
You can't expect the rest of the world to take your product seriously when you continue to play on unofficial pitches of the lowest possible quality.
Beckham scored two great goals against Real Salt Lake. But a high school player should not be expected to play on such a pitch.

You don't expect a great artist to paint a picture with crayons, now do you? But that is what they asked Beckham to do. Rice-Eccles Stadium is not the only MLS facility with these gridiron markings.

Here is a $600 solution. If you don't believe, please click the image.

Let me throw an idea back from the time capsule of the 1970s and 80s. Spray the field with green paint to cover the gridiron. Totallysoccer.com sells a spray paint machine for about $600. That includes the machine, paint, and UPS shipping. Roughly, the cost of 4 scalped tickets to see Beckham play. ;-)

To borrow a line from a popular credit card ad: Price of tickets: $150. Parking: $20. Popcorn: $5. Beer: $10. Beckham replica shirt: $100. Spray paint machine: $600. The experience? Priceless.

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