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Friday, May 30, 2008

Euro 2008 Preview: 07 June to 29 June from Austria/Switzerland

All images courtesy of Wikipedia.
For a fixture list from Soccerlens, please click here.
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The 13th European Nations Cup competition kicks-off on 07 June in Basel, Switzerland. The tournament will have joint hosts: Austria and Switzerland, and take place in 8 venues. The final game will be held on 29 June in Vienna. Austria.

16 teams, divided into 4 groups, will vie for the Henri Delaunay Trophy, which has been re-designed for this competition. Mr. Delauney was a former French player, referee, and administrator who had a dream to create a European Nations Competition. The first tournament took place in 1960 in France, and the trophy was dedicated to his memory, along with his sporting vision.

History of Champions

1960: Soviet Union
1964: Spain
1968: Italy
1972: West Germany
1976: Czechoslovakia
1980: West Germany
1984: France
1988: The Netherlands
1992: Denmark
1996: Germany
2000: France
2004: Greece
  • No country has ever defended its title.
  • Three countries have won as the host: Spain, Italy, and France.
  • France was the last host nation to win (1984).
  • France and West Germany have won the competition the most times: 2.
Groups for Euro 2008

Group A

Czech Republic (9)
Portugal (13)
Switzerland (25)
Turkey (19)

Group B

Austria (First appearance in the competition). (58)
Croatia (12)
Germany (7)
Poland (First appearance in the competition). (28)

Group C (The group of death).

France (4)
Italy (2)
Romania (11)
The Netherlands (6)

Group D

Greece (Defending champion). (14)
Russia (26)
Spain (5)
Sweden (23)

The numbers refer to the current ratings courtesy of the World Football Elo Ratings.

Elimination Round Bracket

Quarter finals
Semi finals

19 June - Basel

Winner Group A

25 June - Basel

Runner-up Group B

Winner of QF1

20 June - Vienna

Winner of QF2

Winner Group B

29 June - Vienna

Runner-up Group A

Winner of SF1

21 June - Basel

Winner of SF2

Winner Group C

26 June - Vienna

Runner-up Group D

Winner of QF3

22 June - Vienna

Winner of QF4

Winner Group D

Runner-up Group C

Bracket courtesy of Wikipedia. (You can also see game times and dates at this link).

Referees and Assistants

Referee Assistants
Flag of Austria Austria Konrad Plautz Egon Bereuter Markus Mayr
Flag of Belgium Belgium Frank de Bleeckere Peter Hermans Alex Verstraeten
Flag of England England Howard Webb Darren Cann Mike Mullarkey
Flag of Germany Germany Herbert Fandel Carsten Kadach Volker Wezel
Flag of Greece Greece Kyros Vassaras Dimitiris Bozartzidis Dimitiris Saraidaris
Flag of Italy Italy Roberto Rosetti Alessandro Griselli Paolo Calcagno
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Pieter Vink Adriaan Inia Hans Ten Hoove
Flag of Norway Norway Tom Henning Øvrebø Geir Åge Holen Jan Petter Randen
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Ľuboš Micheľ Roman Slysko Martin Balko
Flag of Spain Spain Manuel Mejuto González Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez Jesús Calvo Guadamuro
Flag of Sweden Sweden Peter Fröjdfeldt Stefan Wittberg Henrik Andren
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Massimo Busacca Matthias Arnet Stephane Cuhat

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

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