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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

UEFA Introduces Castrol Performance Index for Euro 2008

Image courtesy of Castrol.

UEFA, via Castrol, has introduced an advanced match and player statistical tracking system that will be available for Euro 2008.

You can visit the site to sample a few recent test matches before the actual product goes live in June.

For many years, I have argued that displaying more statistics is the way to debate those who say numbers don't exist. They do. Commentators need to discuss game and player stats to increase the understanding of the sport. Especially those based in North America.
If you can see how many passes Tom Brady completes for New England on a given Sunday, why not the same figures for David Beckham or Cuauhtemoc Blanco? ESPN, to their credit, has begun to show game and player statistics during their television broadcasts. For example, meters covered, ball possession, and occasionally, team pass completion rates. Basic game stats have been available via ESPNsoccernet for quite some time, and recently, they have augmented their game tracking product.
Visit the Castrol site, and Arsene Wenger of Arsenal will explain how it works.

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