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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mike Tyson Volunteers to Help Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne

In an interesting development, former boxer, Mike Tyson, who has had a few out-of-the ring experiences, is going to England. He expressly wants to help Paul Gascoigne, a former English star player who played many years for Lazio in the Serie A. Gazza has had several disturbing incidents, and recently was committed to a psychiatric hospital in Northern England. During his career, he was a wonderfully talented player who was a fan favorite wherever he played. He was also equally popular with teammates and opponents alike. In fact, I recall an interesting display at the Euro 1996 tournament held in England. He sent a limo the night before a game for a few of his Dutch opponents (if I recall correctly) for an evening on the town.

"La triste parabola dell'ex idolo dei tifosi della Lazio non ha lasciato indifferente Tyson che ha chiesto di poterlo incontrare il prossimo mese quando si recherà in Inghilterra per una serie di conferenze (una si terrà all'Old Trafford di Manchester). Tyson, che sta cercando infatti di riciclarsi come esperto in stili di vita border-line, e ha in programma una serie di incontri nel nord dell'Inghilterra, compreso, appunto, Gateshead.

"So tutto di Gazza - dice Tyson - e credo di poterlo aiutare. Molti sportivi soffrono nella loro vita privata, incluso me. Ed è per questo che voglio aiutarlo. Lo vedo ancora come una superstar e mi piacerebbe incontrarlo se a lui facesse piacere". Non sarebbe nemmeno la prima volta che il dottor Tyson corre in aiuto di un calciatore inglese in difficoltà. Iron Mike ha incontrato tre anni fa Wayne Rooney, quando era accusato di avere uno stile in campo troppo aggressivo. "Nel 2005 Rooney era in depressione e io lo tirai fuori. Sono sicuro di poter fare lo stesso con Gascoigne", ha dichiarato al Times."

"The sad shadow of the former idol of the Lazio fans wasn't lost on Tyson who asked to be able to meet with him next month when he comes to England for a series of conferences (one will be held at Old Trafford in Manchester). Tyson, who is trying to reinvent himself as an expert in border-line lifestyles, has scheduled a series of meeting in Northern England, including, Gateshead (where Gascoigne lives and grew up).

"I know all about Gazza, said Tyson, and I believe I can help him. Many athletes suffer in their private life, including me. And it is for this that I want to help him. I still see him as a superstar and it would please me to meet him if he would like it." It wouldn't be the first time that Doctor Tyson ran to help an English soccer player who was in difficulty. Iron Mike met Wayne Rooney three years ago, when he was accused of having a style on the field that was too aggressive. "In 2005 Rooney was depressed and I pulled him out of it. I am certain to be able to do the same thing with Gascoigne" he told The Times."
Source: Gazzetta dello Sport, 14 April 2008.

Let's hope that Mr. Tyson can help Mr. Gascoigne during his time of need.

Well done, Iron Mike.

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