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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The First Press Conference of Fabio Capello

Image courtesy of Realmadrid.pl.
Please click the image for the
BBC Sport interview link.

Yesterday, Fabio Capello was officially presented by the English Football Association. I am going to provide a BBC Sport link to watch the entire video, which lasted 35 minutes.

If anyone had doubts about who was the right man for the job, they need to watch a master at work. In this case, off of the pitch in the arena of the media wolves. :-)

Interview with Fabio Capello by BBC Sport

Click "Replay - Fabio Capello Interview." (Unfortunately, I can not link directly to the video.)

Here are a few excerpts:
"I will learn English in one month... It is important to communicate directly with the players."

"It is important for me to surround myself with those who speak the same language. I have done this wherever I have been, but I will include an English coach in my team."

"I never wanted to manage Italy. Those who know me well have known this for a long time."

"I need to change some of my behaviors, as do some of the English players."

"David and I had some contrasts, but he proved what a great professional and man he is."

"I need to watch all of the tapes from Euro 2008 qualification. Then I will meet with each of the players to determine what went wrong."

"They need to have more pride to wear the England shirt."

"I hope to meet Italy in the WC 2010 final in South Africa... I am honored to be the manager of England, but also respect Italian football a great deal and was proud to be a former player for the National Team."

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