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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nothing But Nets: Diego Gutierrez of the Chicago Fire

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Nothing But Nets.

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Editor's Note

This article originally was published on 2 November 2007. Mr. Gutierrez is now retired and with the Philadelphia Union.

Today, 7 September 2011, is End Malaria Day.

In a story discussed a few days ago by Steve Goff of the Washington Post and Soccer Insider, Diego Gutierrez of the Chicago Fire was named Major League Soccer Humanitarian of the Year.

Mr. Gutierrez, who is a native of Bogota, Colombia, is the spokesman for a very interesting cause called Nothing But Nets. This charity was formed to help alleviate the spread and suffering of malaria on the African continent. He helped to raise over US $400,000 to provide insect nets that cover beds. This simple yet effective remedy has saved many lives.

According to Nothing But Nets, “The African malaria mosquitoes generally bite late at night or early morning, between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. A bed net is usually hung above the center of a bed or sleeping space so that it completely covers the sleeping person… Currently, nets are treated with pyrethroid insecticides. These insecticides have very low levels of toxicity to humans, but are highly toxic to insects. By repelling the mosquitoes, a bed net can protect other people in the room outside the net.”

One million children die each year from malaria.

For only $10, you may purchase a net to assist this worthy cause.

“Send a net. Save a life.”

To visit their site, please click here.

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