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Friday, November 30, 2007

Giornata/Week 14: Serie A

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Sunday, 02 December

AS Roma 2 x Udinese 1. Juan and Taddei scored for the Rossoneri, and Fabio Quagliarella had the lone goal for the Friuliani.

Atalanta 5 x Napoli 1. The Bergamaschi handed Napoli their worst loss of the year. Goals by Floccari, Langella, Doni, Carrozzieri, and Pinto led the way. Sosa had a consolation goal for the Azzurri.

Cagliari 0 x Livorno 0. A potential relegation derby ended in a predictable fashion.

Catania 3 x Palermo 1. The Sicilian derby was won by the Elefantini with goals by Mascara, Spinesi from the spot, and Martinez. Caserta had the sole tally for Palermo.

Fiorentina 0 x Internazionale 2. La Viola was mourning the death of Cesare Prandelli's wife. Jiminez and Julio Cruz scored for Inter, who remain unbeaten and top of the table.

Parma 1 x Empoli 0. Paci scored the game winner for Parma.

Siena 1 x Lazio 1. Pandev opened the scoring for Lazio, but Maccarone equalized a few minutes later.

Torino 1 x Genoa 1. Marco Borriello continued his fine form with a goal for Genoa, but in less than 10 minutes, Lanna equalized for Il Toro.

Saturday, 01 December

Sampdoria 3 x Reggina 0. Claudio Belluci scored a brace, and Paolo Sammarco had the other goal.

AC Milan 0 x Juventus 0. An entertaining game, but Milan again failed to secure their first home win of the campionato. They have not won in 9 home games, which is a new team record.


Johnny Centreback said...

Steve, what do you think about the notion that Inter are playing boring football? I read this in Goal.com recently. Does it matter? And are they really a lock to take all of the spoils in Italy this year?

Steve Amoia said...


Thank you for your comment.

Earlier today, I saw Inter take on Fiorentina. They are a very efficient team, but I wouldn't call them boring. But everyone has their own opinion.

"Does it matter?" As Carlo Ancelotti said, "If you want entertainment, go to the cinema." In Italy and elsewhere, results count. Certainly, fans want attractive football; however, Inter haven't lost a league game in 2 years.

I think Inter will remain favorites to win Serie A. However, Roma and Juventus will mount serious challenges. AC Milan could awaken, but they have already dug a whole for themselves. We are about a third of the way through the campaign, so we shall see how things develop.

Johnny Centreback said...

Funny comment from Ancelotti. It is quite true. You know I am these days a very big fan of Wenger's Arsenal but when I objectively look back at how I coach a team I realize I am more like the rest, perhaps more like the quiet, tense and calculating Benitez. It is true that winning is beautiful. Still, I have to say that the greatest thing is to both win and win with style...Looking forward to seeing how the Italian campaign unfolds...Sadly, I don't think that Roma have the legs to mount a serious challenge...but we'll see...

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