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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fabio Capello Comments About the England Job During RAI Broadcast

Image courtesy of RealMadrid.pl.
Click the image to watch an UEFA.com
interview with Mister Capello.

During today's RAI telecast of Italy x Faroe Islands, Fabio Capello made an interesting response to a question by his broadcast partner, Marco Civoli.

At the time, I wasn't certain if he were serious or not. I have heard Mr. Capello broadcast a few times, and he appears to have a dry sense of humor. He is also a very insightful commentator.

The comment was made at the start of the second half. At the time, England was losing, 0 x 2, to Croatia at Wembley Stadium.

CAPELLO SI OFFRE - Quando mancavano ancora 45' alla fine delle partite Fabio Capello si è detto pronto a subentrare a McClaren sulla panchina dell'Inghilterra: "Io c.t. dell'Inghilterra? Sarebbe un'impresa, una bella prova da superare e avrei l'età giusta". Così Capello ha risposto ad una domanda del telecronista Rai, Marco Civoli, durante il commento di Italia-Isole Far Oer.
Capello Offers Himself

When 45 minutes were left from the end of the game, Fabio Capello said he was ready to take over for McClaren on the English bench.

"Me the coach of England?" It would be an enterprise, a great test to overcome and I would have the right age." In this manner, Capello responded to a question from the RAI broadcaster, Marco Civoli, during the commentary of Italy x Faroe Islands."
Source: "English Drama: Out
Sweden and Turkey Pass Through."
Gazzetta dello Sport, 21 November 2007.

Notes (23 November)
  • Mr. Capello has expressed his interest to English media about the job.
  • Jose' Mourinho took himself out of the equation.
  • Several English candidates do not want the job.
  • According to Ladbrokes, he is 2:1 favorite for the job.
  • If he lands the position, I believe that Gianfranco Zola would be an interesting choice as his second in command. Presently, Mr. Zola is the technical director of the Italian U-21 team. Mr. Capello speaks limited English. Zola is fluent, as also knows the English player pool quite well.
  • David Beckham might be another bridge to his assimilation in England. Despite their differences earlier this year, Beckham holds Mr. Capello in high esteem.


Riverside Betting man said...

As an England fan I would love Capello to be handed the job. It needs a vastly experienced coach to be able to handle England's 'star players' who would also be able to mould them into a successful, winning team. He needs to be a motivator and charismatic. Capello fits the bill.

Steve Amoia said...

Thank you for your comment.

Mister Capello would be an interesting choice for the England project.

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