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Friday, October 12, 2007

Two More Refs and Ball-chip technology unveilved at FIFA World Club Championship in Japan

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What would Signor Collina say?

For the FIFA World Club Championship in Japan, which takes place in December, two innovations will be introduced. The adidas ball will have a special encoded computer chip to assist with goal line decisions. This technology was tested at the last U-17 World Championships; however, this will be the first time it has been used at the professional level.

The other change is somewhat more controversial. Two additional referees will be on the pitch. One will be positioned in each 18 yard penalty box. How they will coordinate with the "main" referee, along with the two other assistants, has yet to be determined. No doubt via wireless headsets that we have seen in recent competitions.

According to UEFA President Michel Platini:

"We need to help referees to stop making mistakes and these two extra referees will focus on the two 18-yard boxes, so this will help solve this.

Ten eyes are certainly better than six."

Source: Yahoo Sports, "Video Replays Would Kill the Game," 11 October 2007.

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