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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Juergen Klinsmann Speaks to the Times of London

In an interview that was posted online Monday, Juergen Klinsmann had an interesting discussion with the chief football correspondent, Matt Dickinson.

Here were a few excerpts:
“As manager, you will get fired sooner or later so you should be in charge of everyone involved with football: the players, coaches, staff... You are on a lost track already if the president chooses the players or you don’t have that power. If you are not given all the tools, then don’t do it.”

“In this job, you need to get your distance or people start thinking they own you,”

“You carry a high amount of ambition inside of you... In my case, it is nature given. I was overambitious as a player and I am not sitting in the sun all day now. I work, prepare and educate myself.”

“Luckily I had people on the outside telling me what I could do, how I could get quicker. But for some players and managers, the education process stops... The sad thing about professional football is that, in many ways, it needs to be more professional.”

To read the full interview, please click on the link below.

Source: Visionary Juergen Klinsmann keeps his eye open for an opportunity, 08 October 2007, Times of London by Matt Dickinson.

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