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Monday, October 8, 2007

Football Writing Contest at Soccerlens

Image courtesy of Soccerlens.com.

Soccerlens, which is a very interesting and informative blog managed by Mr. Ahmed Bilal, is hosting a Football Writing Competition. The deadline for entries will be 14 October.

Here is more about the contest:

"The usual SL contest prizes apply - there’s a $100 cash prize plus a free footy shirt on the house courtesy of our sponsors Subside Sports.

In addition, I’ll also be using this contest to bring in a new writer on the Soccerlens payroll.

Terms will be flexible based on how much time you will spend writing for us, however the value of that contract will mostly depend on how good a writer you are.

In short, a good writer may earn $X per article (or per month), but a great writer could earn $2X or $3X.

While the outright winner will get a contract offer, the top 3 (or 5) submissions will also have the option of getting financial assistance in starting / promoting their own blogs as part of the network of blogs we’re running. If you want to start your own football blog and you would benefit from the support of an established network in securing advertising deals and in promoting your site without giving up any of your site revenue, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to get started."

Ahmed Bilal of Soccerlens.

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