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Friday, October 12, 2007

Euro 2008 Matchday: 13 October 2007

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Here are the fixtures for tomorrow in Euro 2008 qualification. All times are Central European. You may follow the action online at ESPNsoccernet and with Livescores.

Throughout the day, you can watch highlight videos at 101 Great Goals.

Armenia x Serbia at 1700.
Azerbaijan x Portugal at 1800.
Poland x Kazakhstan at 2030.
Belgium x Finland at 2045.

Scotland x Ukraine at 1600.
Faroe Islands x France at 1700.
Italy x Georgia at 2050.

Hungary x Malta at 1620.
Moldova x Turkey at 2000.
Greece x Bosnia Herz. at 2030.

Slovakia x San Marino at 1500.
Cyprus x Wales at 1815.
Ireland x Germany at 2045.

England x Estonia at 1600.
Croatia x Israel at 2015.

Iceland x Latvia at 1800.
Liechtenstein x Sweden at 1900.
Denmark x Spain at 2000.

Belarus x Luxembourg at 1900.
Romania x Holland at 1915.
Slovenia x Albania at 2030.

Group Standings courtesy of Wikipedia: (Highlighted teams are eliminated).

1 comment:

Anna Italia said...

Hello Steve,

Saturday will be a very entertaining day with so much football.

Let me know your predictions. Do you have any favorites?

In the EURO 2008 Qualifications, I am cheering for Italy!

In the 2010 World Cup Qualifications: cheering for ARGENTINA, BRAZIL

All the best!

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