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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Alex Del Piero Meets the Boston Celtics in Rome

Image courtesy of Paul Blank
of www.postproduktie.nl.

The Boston Celtics are in Rome this week to prepare for two exhibition games. One against a Roman team, and the other with the Toronto Raptors. At their training session, Alessandro Del Piero came to meet Kevin Garnett and the other players.

I was able to watch a Gazzetta dello Sport TV interview, and Del Piero spoke surprisingly good English. Click on the image above to hear the discussion. He spoke about Pat Riley and Steve Nash. There was also a brief interview with Kevin Garnett, although not featured on this video clip.

"This is the first time for me... We play 11 months during the year. Free month for us is in July. No games. In the Christmas, I went to the US. And the Lakers lost by 25. (He laughed). That's fine. I know the guys. I met Kobe 10 years ago. It was a wonderful day... From Miami to Munich, on the flight, I travel with Pat Riley. It was exciting. He stayed all the time with a book. For 8 hours, he wrote in a book. Wow, the next season, it will be so hard, for the players. But they won.
I met him (Steve Nash) 4 years ago... Last summer he came to the World Cup for 3 games. He's amazing. Wonderful player... In YouTube, maybe also in La Gazzetta, a few weeks ago, there was a video, a friendly match, in the park. I know he is good, but not that good. I say, Steve, when are you finished with basketball?" (He laughed)
Alex Del Piero will return to the United States in December to take part in the Free Kick Masters competition at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas.

Note (07 December)

According to Glenn Davis, Free Kick Masters will be postponed until next July.

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