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Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Treasure Trove From The Red Sea: Interactive Maps for World Football Leagues and Competitions

Image courtesy of Tanked Up Underwater Imaging.

I was searching the Net for a site that listed web sites by countries. Lo and behold was my surprise and pleasure to find a veritable treasure from the Red Sea.

Tanked Up Underwater Imaging of Dahab, Egypt (in the South Sinai), who according to their web site are a business "...Specialising in underwater photography. Among our services are digital underwater camera hire, videography, editing and promotional film work. We hire out Sea & Sea fully integrated digital underwater cameras and also have a few very high quality analogue cameras for hire...

The owners of Tanked Up Underwater Imaging are Dean and Martin. They have been regular visitors to the Sinai and Dahab in particular since the early 90's. Both learnt to dive in Dahab, when it was quite different to now. In those days it was part of the backpacker circuit acting as a start point down through Africa or a chill out point before hitting Europe...

With dive sites like the Canyon and the Blue Hole, Dahab has a unique place in the diving world. Both these world famous dives and numerous other sites around Dahab are shore dives. With very little current, and so much to see, these are dives for newly certified and experienced divers alike."

That is their day job. Fortunately for those us who prefer terra firma, (but please examine their excellent photographic skills and wonderful images at the site) these two gentlemen have provided a wonderful resource for World Football. They have mapped all of the major European leagues, along with several other competitions, with physical locations, team web sites, and historical statistics.

For example, take a look at Spain and the map of La Liga, along with Italy and the Serie A equivalent. You not only learn geography, but the rich history, traditional team badges of the respective teams, along with historical results of the competitions. They have created maps such as this for all of the major European leagues, the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, African Nations Cup, Copa Libertadorers of America, and even a map for Major League Soccer.

Efforts such as this contribute to the collective knowledge of World Football. On behalf of all fans, I thank Martin and his team for their tremendous efforts. Please visit their site. If you appreciate underwater photography, and like to dive in exotic locales, I am certain that they could steer you in the proper direction.

For a promotional video, please click here or on the beautiful image of sunrise on the Red Sea courtesy of Tanked Up.

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