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Monday, September 17, 2007

2007-2008 UEFA Champions League Preview by Dan Leo

2007-2008 UEFA Champions League Preview

by Dan Leo for World Football Commentaries.

Group A

Liverpool and either FC Porto or OLM, who has been on a poor form as of late, which favors Porto.

Group B

Chelsea and probably Valencia. Schalke04 will try to give it a go but, on recent record, the Spanish clubs have done well in all UEFA events.Tthe Germans? Far less so.

Group C

This looks weak on paper. Real is tops but Werder's been weak so far following the sale of Miroslav Klose and injuries to Tim Borowski and Thorsten Frings. Lazio only is in because of the weak Serie A of last season and Olympiakos has lost Nery Castillo. The fight is for the second spot. I'd pick Bremen just because...

Group D

Milan should easily win this group. Tthe third place is probably a fight between Celtic and Benfica, who were in the same situation last year. Since then, Celtic has bought a few players and Benfica has sold a few. Tthe edge is to the Scots. But the Ukrainian team will try to surprise. It has money to do so

Group E

2005 CL champs Barcelona is a heavy favorite with Lyon being a favorite to follow the La Liga outfit to the knock-out stage. Stuttgart, however, will give both a fight. Rangers are likely to finish last but, by taking points from the favorites, they have the power to shape this group.

Group F

ManU will rUle. Roma, scandals and lighter throwing from the stands excepted, should be 2nd.

Group G

Inter has the payroll greater than of its competitors combined. And it should be easy for the Italian giant. PSV has been a superb tournament team and Ronald Koeman a superb tournament coach (and not a bad player). the Dutch should pip over CSKA and Fenerbahce.

Group H

Arsenal and Sevilla vs. two East European squads?? Tthis race should be over by October. On the second thought, it is over now.

About the Author

Dan Leo is a freelance writer based from Miami, Florida.

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