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Saturday, August 18, 2007

NY Red Bulls 5 x LA Galaxy 4: High scores aren't publicized in the mainstream media

In another example that the critics of the sport will not advertise, 9 goals were scored at Giants Stadium as the Beckham Tour arrived in the Big Apple.

Beckham had three assists in a highly entertaining game in front of a large crowd (66,000). Their usual attendance is about 11,000. Thank you, Mr. Beckham. Free Red Bull for life, mate. ;-) Jozy Altidore had a brace of the highest quality. The field was very bouncy, and no doubt, a defender's nightmare. Juan Pablo Angel continues to demonstrate that he was a great addition to the MLS.

"Soccer is low scoring... Nobody ever scores... When they do, the crowd goes crazy..."

Elisabeth Shue, who was interviewed on "Tavis Smiley" a few months ago, was asked about this.

"Americans just don't get it."

Michael Wilbon of The Washington Post and ESPN PTI, during live commentary from DC during Beckham's visit last week, opined:

"The mainstream media doesn't get it because they don't want to get it."

Here is proof of many goals of high quality. But will your local station, critic, or basher ever refer to this game in the future? Or the 22 goals that were scored in two days at the semi-finals of the Copa America? No.

But you can "get it" here at World Football Commentaries. ;-) And of course, in the New York Times archive about this particular game. Beckham didn't disappoint. He was in Harlem yesterday on a goodwill mission to expose children to the sport. Tonight, he did what he was paid and expected to do, although the Galaxy lost once again.

According to Jack Bell of the NY Times in their soccer blog, "Goal," the Red Bulls obviously read my commentary from a few days ago and purchased a spray paint machine from Totallysoccer.com. ;-)

"In a surprise, the ghastly white American football lines have been partially obscured on the FieldTurf surface with a splash of green paint. The New York Jets of the N.F.L. played an exhibition game against Minnesota on the same surface on Friday night."

To read Mr. Bell's excellent live commentary of the game, please click here.

To view the video highlights, please click here. As you will see, there could have been more goals. Note the gesture by Beckham after the first goal.


Johnny Centreback said...

From the highlights I saw it was clear that Beckham created three goals for the Galaxy. But to lose 5-4? I am surprised. Things aren't going according to plan for the team. I thought also that in the post-match interview Becksy was more focused on how entertaining the match was for the many fans who attended than on the loss. He didn't seem too disappointed with the result...

Johnny Centreback said...

Yes, it's a shame about those football lines. Here in Toronto we have a soccer-specific stadium. And soccer-specifc fans!...

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