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Monday, August 20, 2007

Early Prediction of the BPL was Unique and Accurate by Dan Leo

by Dan Leo for World Football Commentaries.

One week into the BPL 2007-08 season - and that's three games for most teams - seems to indicate that my prediction was not only unique but fairly accurate as well. Last year's champion Manchester United ended the opening 3-game day week in the 16th place and without one of its offensive superstars (Wayne Rooney's breaking his foot for the third time in the last four years).The remaining Big Three each needed a dubious decision by the referee to gain its points.

Liverpool's got a questionable free kick in the dying minutes vs. Aston Villa in Matchday 1, Arsenal received a similarly questionable penalty kick vs. Fulham and Chelsea got the benefit of the most dubious PK of them all in Sunday's game at Liverpool. At least, Liverpool has seen the fortune work both ways in this regard.

Still, the current leader is a surprising Manchester City with 9 points with Chelsea in 2nd with 7 points, Wigan (Wigan???) in 3rd with 6.

PS. Fox Sports took down the high bitstream Microsoft MP highlight videos of the Premiership and replaced them with a highly compressed Flash Player mini-screen disaster. That is clearly done in order to sell Fox's Pay-Pay-View ($4.99/match) games.

I am not against commerce but this is absurd. A global network the size of News Corp can afford to provide the extended highlights of the Premiership action in high quality resolution. To do otherwise is to insult every US fan of the league.

To reiterate what I had written in my season's preview, this will be a very interesting year in the BPL. Even Arsene Wenger agrees with me.

About the Author

Dan Leo is a freelance writer based from Miami, Florida.

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