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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Is Fabio Capello Tempted by American Soccer?

I just read a very short yet interesting article that appeared in today's edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, which is the Wall Street Journal of Italian soccer.

"Dinamo Kiev e Lokomotiv mi hanno fatto pervenire delle proposte di lavoro interessanti - sottolinea Capello - ma le ho lasciate cadere. Mi hanno cercato anche dagli Stati Uniti ma devo pensarci: sarebbe una nuova esperienza che mi intrigherebbe non tanto per soldi, ma per vedere se qualcuno riesce a far decollare il calcio americano".

"Dynamo Kiev and Dynamo Lokomotiv have previewed their proposals of interesting work, underlined Capello, but I left them alone. They have inquired about me from the United States, but I'll need to think about it: it would be a new experience that would intrigue me not only for the money, but also if someone can make American soccer take off."

Don Fabio coached David Beckham last year at Real Madrid. In the past, he has stated that coaching the Italian National Team does not interest him. In this article, he didn't specify if it was the USSF or individual clubs who contacted him. If Mister Capello came to America, it would be a significant development. If a man who could coach any team in the world came here, it would be a very positive indicator for American soccer. We need to attract the best teachers and soccer minds, in order to develop the best players. Along with the next generation of coaches.

In Italian, the coach is called "Mister." As a historical reference, and a mark of respect, to the early English coaches who taught the game in Italy.

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