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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Eduardo Deluca: They Didn't Respect Copa America

I would like to present a quote from the General Secretary, Eduardo Deluca, of CONMEMBOL. They are South American governing body of futbol.

"We like for the continent's most important competition to be respected with the best players... the Americans opted to send a team with some players who aren't their regulars. That doesn't please us." (1)

"Some players?" The General Secretary was being very diplomatic.

I have seen various excuses for sending the type of team that was fielded in Venezuela. "We won the Gold Cup. That was our objective... European clubs are not obligated to release players... Our Euros needed a rest... This will give younger players international experience (True, and for the most part, they played very well given the circumstances). It doesn't matter because we wouldn't win with our best team." Ad infinitum. But the best reason came from Coach Bruce Arena: "Why are we even going?"

The first invitation to Copa America 2007 was declined. Costa Rica gladly took the place of the Americans. Then the USSF came to their senses and accepted. Costa Rica was told to stay home. But as I noted in an earlier post, we didn't respect the Copa America, which is the oldest international soccer competition in the world. It began in 1916, and the first competition was won by Argentina. It will be here 100 years from now. No doubt, some writers in 2107 will be lamenting the same thing about Team America. :-)

On another note, Iraq is now rated just ahead of the USA in the Elo World Football Ratings. The Iranians are in 22nd place. The USA is rated 23rd. Blame it on Copa America... ;-)


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, 04 July 2007.

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