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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tragedy in Zambia

Last night, after a African Nation's Cup qualification match that was won by Zambia, 3 x o over the Congo, twelve people were tragically and senselessly stampeded to death after the game in the Konkola Stadium. They only wanted to hurry out of the stadium after the game, which had been delayed for an hour due to the late arrival of the Sudanese referee.

As is the case in many stadiums in developing nations, inadequate exit architecture and security systems led to this tragic loss of lives. Along with many more (46) who were injured.

According to an article in today's BBC, "Preliminary investigations indicated that the accident had been caused by a group of supporters outside the stadium who attempted to gain entry when the match had finished, said the minister.

Earlier said regional Chief of Police Antoneil Mutenthwa had said: "Too many fans tried to squeeze through the few exits available."

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