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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Suazo Saga Takes Another Twist

Apparently on Friday, a new development in the David Suazo transfer saga came into play.

According to Football Italia, a special clause in Suazo's contract releases him to Inter Milan. Not AC Milan as was reported a few days ago.

"It’s claimed that a clause in Suazo’s contract with Cagliari releasing him for £8m (~12 million euros or US $16 million dollars) is valid for Italian sides as well as overseas. With this in mind, the Sardinians have little choice but to hand him over to Inter for a lower price than that offered by their rivals (AC Milan offered £10m) plus half of Under-21 international Robert Acquafresca. 'From what I’ve seen recently we can say that there is a clear desire for the player to join the only club that courted him for a long time – i.e. Inter,' said President Massimo Moratti."

An update:

Since Suazo and Inter signed a contract before Cagliari had agreed, both parties face sanctions from the Italian FA. According to Football Italia on 23 June 2007:

“According to the regulations, the player and the President must be suspended or face some form of sanction. The maximum ban is six months.”

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