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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Evo Morales Defies the FIFA Altitude Ban in the Bolivian Andes

The recent FIFA ruling banning competitive games above 2500 meters (8200 feet) has been especially felt in Bolivia. In fact, their President, the honorable Evo Morales, has led many demonstrations against the ridiculous ruling. But none perhaps as memorable as the following game that occurred last Tuesday at an approximate elevation of 6000 meters (almost 20,000 feet).

According to CNN World, President Morales, along with his staff, played a 15 minute game against local mountain men. I will leave you with this wonderful quote by President Morales:

"Wherever you can make love, you can play sports."

By the way, the President scored the winning goal. I hope that FIFA President, Joseph Blatter, was given a highlight video. If President Morales can bottle and sell some of that Andean good spirit and attitude at sea level, the world might be a better place. The President didn't say if Viagra was needed in the Andes... :-)


I referenced this incident in the Copa America blog of the New York Times. The post was entitled, "FIFA's Altitude Ban: Is Sepp Blatter High?"

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