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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

David Suazo Transfers to Inter Milan

In a very positive development for the CONCACAF region, David Suazo of Honduras has signed a contract with Internazionale of Milan. He has played at Cagliari since 1999, and has been one of the best foreigners in the Serie A. In fact, last year he was named, along with Kaka' of Brasil, as the best foreign player. According to Football Italia, Inter paid over $13 million (6.5 million pounds sterling), along with a younger player (Robert Acquafresca), for his services.

David is a small forward with a predator's touch. At Cagliari, he was the team captain, and a big fish in a small pond. At Inter, things will much different, but a player of his quality will find a place. Inter will mount a serious challenge for the Champions League, and with the arrival of Juventus in the Serie A, the level of domestic competition will increase.

Despite being in the company of Adriano, Hernan Crespo, Julio Cruz, Alvaro Recoba, and Zlatan, Suazo will be a good addition to Inter. He is excellent on penalty kicks, and will provide Roberto Mancini with some interesting choices. With this signing, two of the others most likely will leave the San Siro. In my opinion, it will be Adriano and Recoba, who appear to have run out of rope with Inter. But in the strange world of the international football transfer market, one never knows.

Interestingly, David was not selected (or perhaps declined the invitation) for the current Gold Cup competition in the USA. After the great showing by his compatriots against Mexico, one wonders how much better they would be with him in the lineup.


bleeding_eyelids said...

Do you know who the young player is? Is he from the primavera team?

Steve Amoia said...

According to the Football Italia link that I referenced in the post:

"Inter have agreed to pay the islanders £6.5m and also hand over 19-year-old striker Robert Acquafresca, who was specifically wanted by Coach Marco Giampaolo."

He played this past season for Treviso in the Serie B, and scored 10 goals. He was co-owned by Inter and Treviso.

For more, check this out:


Carlos said...

David and Cagliari agreed that he would not honor his callup to the Honduran National team due to an undisclosed injury (likely a strained hamstring during his last game played at Cagliari, vs Roma).

Though anyone whom watched that game, knows that David asked to be subbed after that, some Honduran fans (hopefully not most) believe that he refused to play for "La H."

Two things: (1) Suazo may have incurred a slight injury, and (2) $13.4 million were on the line that kept him in Italy (also some say Inter conditioned Cagliari not to release the player until he was already at Inter).

I understand the fans but also understand David and no one faction can be faulted here.

Honduras, (any team for that matter) with David Suazo are much stronger than without. It is to be determined however, how much stronger they are with David in World Cup Qualifying as he has never been in the national team for a complete round of qualifying.

Steve Amoia said...

Carlos, thank you for your comments. I thought that he perhaps had been injured, but had not read an official explanation. No doubt as you said, Inter wanted to secure their investment and make the deal quickly.

Carlos said...

No problem. BTW: where are you from? Reside?

Nice blog!

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